Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nurj the Religious Green Joker

Oh! this girl??? Physically, seeing her, you'll think maybe that she is religious because she wears a veil and even long blouses. But behind that virtous look of nurj, there is a poison in their! (I really used the word poison. Sorry my dear Nurj.) Nurj was known as Gardo. I don't have any idea how did that name arose. But, anyway, lets focus more on Nurj's attitude. She is really funny. She always throw jokes to us making the group laugh so hard. She could be the greatest clown in CED. But then, sometimes when we're trying to talk something she will get it late. And some of us will say, "ahhh.. off napud iyang bluetooth"  and everybody started to laugh. Everytime she make her joke it is thrown to us with a mix of green thoughts. That's her specialty. I don't know what to write next.

Nurj by the way is my mother dear in school. We come with the same province, the Land of Cold/Matungao. It was not hard for me to be inclined with this girl when i shifted to College of Education because from the start we knew each other. 

This is me and not Nurj. I posted my picture here because I went at Gaisano Mall together with her. We bought one-small potato fries for us two. That was so laughable. We don't have money at that time. We we're so frugal with money.

Mom Nurj was so nervous at this time. Someone special was also here. No more talks allowed. Nurj will get angry at me. (L - Noynoy for President! Hahahahah!)

A more decent picture. Look stunning inakulai (mommy)!!!

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