Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Spoiled Acquaintance Party in CED

It's been a while not having a blog. And this event happened just yesterday night. This event was actually boring and so dull. Yeah! I did not enjoy our Acquaintance Party. The event theme was Black and White -Fashion Runway. And I'm so stupid wearing yellow at that time. But I'm not the only one who didn't follow anyway. Seniors student like us really don't engage too much ourselves with the different college's event. Freshmen actually joins and even wear what the officers had said based on the theme. I was so pissed off because they started so late. And while we were waiting for the event to finally start, the songs we're played repeatedly over and over again and its so irritating. And finally, the event started. The hosts was great! But the flow of the program was not executed properly. It seems that they are not ready and prepared. It's like they don't know what to do next! GOSH! 

Spectators. From Left: Nurj, Daina, Me, Haffy, and Ellen

The events purpose was to launch the four houses. The first house was the House of Literary,then followed by the House of Sports, House of Music and the last was House of Specials. After the launching was a continuous showcase presentation of the different dance clubs in our school. The Movers, the DIP, and the Cat's Eye (????). They were good actually especially the last performer at that night, yet, their choreographs was so immoral for me. There was a group who did emphasized their butt in the whole performance. It was very awkward. But, maybe for them, that's what they called art in the field of dancing. Duh! I don't care. There was a time also a group performing  and then the sound system was interrupted and then gone! BOOM! What a shame on the event coordinator specifically maybe the officers.

The Four Camwhore. Nurj, Daina, Majinboo, and Haffy

And the awaited moment has already come. The everybody's favorite part in every event. THE DINNER! Everybody was starving to death and shouting Gutom Na! Boom! Gutom Na! Boom! Gutom Na! Boom! The emcees were already saying to go to our respective departments and then get our food. The crowd was running almost everywhere to get food. We're like beggars begging food to eat! Hahahaha! That was so funny. Some of the students had already started eating but still we're on the line. Suddenly, one officer said, "Do not eat yet!" They we're trying to stop the student not to eat first because according to their caterer the food was possibly spoiled. I don't know if somebody puked at that night because of the spoiled rice. After we have checked our food whether it was spoiled or not, we go home directly carrying the food. That was actually our purpose in going and attending the acquaintance party aside from the sign in and out. 

All in all the party is so spoiled just like the food! Officers should avoid what had happened during the event again.

The Spoiled Dinner. One brownies, fried chicken, and spoiled rice. 

The Stage. 

Monsters. Since the party was so boring, we tried to do some cool moments. Using my cellphone flashlight, we took pictures with ourselves like monsters. Hahahaha! Guess who are those in the pictures!!!

Pogi Group and The Texter. With the four shots, Nikki didn't took a  look at the cam. Ellen and Aya always do the pogi sign redundantly. 

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