Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taguroo the Goldilocks

I'll be featuring another Datlusher companion today. She was named by me as "taguroo". I really can't remember where did that idea came from. So, I'm gonna start introducing her with you guys. You probably ask yourself why taguroo goldilocks. Is it because she has this very unique hair. If you look into his curly hair, the color is too different just like goldilocks. Other people, especially her high school friends call her barbie. She looks like a barbie doll though. In terms of academics, she is very studious. You can never questioned her determination in graduating at school with flying colors. 

I forgot to tell her real name. She is Dainalyn Diambrang. A friend, a classmate, a cheat mate and a bully mate. Hahahaha!. She talk soft when having a report in school but when she talk with us (datlusher) or outside the room she talks so loudly. That's her unique characteristics. 

Naughty Her. Image was taken at CASS during our Filipino 3 Speech. She's so crazy not ot wear her corporate attire during the presentation.

Tres Marias. From left (Alyssa, Me, and Daina)

Taguroo's Blonde Hair

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