Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi guys! Just this rainy and windy afternoon, I watched a play in our school entitled "Ming Ming". That's why the title of this post is Ming Ming. Due to the severe weather, I was about to decide not to watch it but after an hour the weather was already in a good mood. I was with Haffy, Ellen and Ailah. Ailah and I are classmates in English4 and we were told by our professor to watch the play as a requirement in our subject.  To give you a little background of the play, it was actually a play be Steven Patrick C. Fernandez. His play won as first prize last 2006 Palanca Award for Literature. He has also directed many excellent plays. And Ming Ming is another big shot of his work. A must see play!

The tonongs (spirits) witness a family's drama unfold. These mischievous and carefree spirits uncover the crises of three generations. Eighteen-year-old Ming Ming returns from the spirit world to watch her life's collage appear before her. She pieces her family's darkest secrets and the reasons for her death.

Three generations of a powerful political family dodge the controversies that have threatened their survival. Ming Ming exorcises her past and makes personal retributions. Political and personal survival has pushed her family to make painful decisions that determine the paths the lives of the protagonists take.

Her mother R fails in two marriages, the last being an indispensable excuse to hide the truth of Ming Ming's birth, the love child of R's affair with an Economics Professor.

The first marriage to an older man is arranged to prop their family's dwindling political fortunes. The husband, an ambitious politician, is more interested to be in company of young handsome boys who frequent his mah-jong sessions.

R's pregnancy is kept a secret (family honor or maratabat is a community-dictated virtue which shame is a sin greater than death.). The mother hides in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte to give birth to Ming Ming. A marriage is arranged with a distant relative who is unaware of Ming Ming's circumstances; he only knows that the baby - born 7 months before the mother's 2nd marriage - has been adopted. This husband, it turns out, is a chauvinist and sadist.

A tradition reared grandmother, I, deceives all about Ming Ming's story to save maratabat and her only daughter's life. She knows that even a peccadillo of shame will invite death - sentenced and carried out by the family's own strict laws - for death is necessary to resurrect honor and cleanse the loss of face. When she was 14, the grandmother had abandoned her love to respect her family's imposition to marry the elder brother of her secret love P to end a bloody rido (family feud) and to consolidate the political power of the clan. I's decision devastates P.

P rues this life after losing I to his brother, heir apparent of his family. He trains as guerrilla, becomes a rebel leader, and cultivates an extremist attitude decreeing fundamentalist views to his family.

In these webs, Ming Ming untangles herself, and the inevitable happens.


At first, I thought the language that will be used in the play was English. But I was astonished and surprised to hear Filipino. A mixed of maranao dialect and some arabic praises of Muslims. I have studied arabic school for how many years, and I can say that some of the arabic lines were not properly pronounced but then we can't blame the characters. I praised the whole team of Ming Ming for a extravagant stage. When I entered the mini theater, I was greeted with a very dark room but with a good lighting effects which emphasized the beauty of every scene. The two tonongs also look stupid laughing and laughing over again. At first, you will really get confused with the play. It was played with another dimension as what the director had explained during the open forum. It was played according to him within the spirits world. One thing also that made the play unique was the characters were not in the same setting. It was composed of three different generations. To sum it up, I really did enjoy the play. It was worth it. Even if the ticket costs Php 100.00 at least I have experienced watching a superb and magnificent play. 

Here are some of the photographed scene! Enjoy viewing!

The Tonongs!!!

Main Characters

After the Play

Friday, July 27, 2012

Everyone wanted to have a phone which is trendy. Trendy means fashionable, cool and chic. Blackberry is one of those best sought phone because of its outstanding features. I am desperate to have a phone like this. Aside from it's hip design, this phone is specifically targeted by youngsters. I want to have this because of its good quality in terms of listening to radio. I read a review about this phone and it is said that it excel in voice quality and music playback quality on the handset, both through loudspeaker and earplugs, is good. In terms connectivity, this mobile handset comes with a Wi-Fi. 

I really yearn to have a phone like this. I want to be techie and I haven't tried to have my own phone with QWERTY keypad. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh! I am a little bit camera shy! I am not used with this kind of routine. I'm used with taking pictures though,  but I seldom wear like this at school. It's my first time anyway. But then I felt comfortable wearing it. The worst thing was my classmates were shock seeing me like this. They are not used with me wearing an outfit which is so feminine. I usually wear a tee shirt paired with jeans.  Anyway, I don't care about what they felt or whatever they wanna say. I rule my own world. Commentators regarding my look are not allowed. Don't cross the line and you know what will happen next. Ohh! Im so harsh! Chill! :p

The photos were taken by Hafidah Amama, my best friend, and my daughter using Samsung Corby 1. She wants to call me her mom. I agreed with it. I like pampering her. Letting her feel that she's secured in my hands and I will give the care she needs.Hi best friend! I know you're reading this. I love you! ♥

So, I did some manipulations with the images. I downloaded some Photoshop actions and used it. Yes! If you are asking how did I get the best actions used in each photos, i did some trial and error. Patience is the key. Don't mind my ugly filthy face. I am not a model. And I eat a lot that's why my tummy is kinda full of fats! Hahahah! Making fats as reason!

Why are you looking at me? Is there anything wrong dude?

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