Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bottle Run

Bottle Run : Dagan Para sa Kinaiyahan. Those colored sacks are full of plastic bottles we used in registering the fun run.

I started my day waking up as early as 4:30 for the fun run. I took a bath rashly because pakner would hitch me up near shell at 5:00 pm. I don't have so much time to prepare myself. I even didn't put some cream on my face! I just applied baby powder. I was acting hysterically when pakner said they are already waiting at Shell. It would be so disrespectful letting them wait because her mom was there. I was pissed off because I am not comfortable with my jogging pants. It was too short for me actually because it's my sister's pants. I couldn't find my P.E. uniform jogging pants because I was in a hurry! Crap! Someone's waiting for me. I was a little bit huffed with pakner because she wasn't able to text me that they were already on the way. 

Getting to the main event, it was started with a prayer, of course. After the prayer, the facilitators, the KASAMA Officers, discussed the route of the fun run. It was then followed by a mass exercise which was led by our former Batallion Commander in ROTC which is a MAPEH major.

Mass Exercise. Everybody was dancing!!! The steps they made was cool. Thanks to Mr. Choreographer

The Arrival. I am so amazing coz i can still manage to pose a smile even if I'm upset. 
(From left: Nurj, Daina, Nikki, Haffy, and Me)

Basically in all running events it  usually starts with a blast from a fake gun but the officers used confetti. I find it cute though, walking over the falling confetti. And everybody started to run, run or jog? I dunno know. Its just the same though. The route of the fun run by the way was from our school, MSU-IIT, we go straight all the way to El Centro then back to our school. It was just 2.5 kilometers. I suggest that the KASAMA had given us our own lap times not only to the top 10 runners. We were not able to record our time like how much time did we used running that route.

After the running event, we were given certificates of participation. My calf was already painful. We still have to stand for how many minutes before sitting because we are not allowed to sit due to the circulation of our blood is high and if we will sit down the blood will start to pool in the lower areas of your body. This will later cause muscle pain and extra stress to the body.

Certificates. After the 2.5 run we just get this. A half sheet of bondpaper. LOL!

After minutes... after resting... we took some pictures. Horaaaay! I may start the day with huff, but then I ended up the day with a smile again. ^___^

Hand Sign. Peace sign and Pogi Sign
Praising. Hahahah! I really don't know if  we were included in the picture taking. I thought the certificates that we were raising was the only one.
BEED Science and Health. With my batch mates at MSU-IIT
Shoes. Circle of friends. It was my idea to put the phone at the center. 
Random Photos. Some didn't care on how their expressions may look. And some didn't care if they were really taken pictures. No pose at all. 

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