Monday, July 9, 2012

Domo Kun Photo Shoot

Hola! Another cache from my pakner best friend! Another precious gift! Another valuable thing to keep. The first chibi I have received from my best friend was Majinboo. I was not able to blog it because I’m still a newbie in here. Actually, this was not the first Domo Kun she bought for me. It’s already the second time. The first one was left at her sister’s dormitory in  Cagayan de Oro. Yesterday, she flew away to   CDO again to buy her new laptop. And as always, she always comes back in Iligan City with a present for me. Thank you pakner for the gift! Majinboo has now a companion and a sister. 

Name: Domo Kun
Birthdate: July 9, 2012

Photo shoot of Domo Kun. Credits to Pakner for taking the pictures.

This is the most excellent photograph of domo kun. This is in truth comical. I can’t stop laughing seeing domo kun wearing a tee back brief.

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