Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Educator

Most of the students, especially if they are a  graduating student from high school, it's always been a problem what course they will be taking up to for the college years. Like the other, I also encountered this kind of problem. I even don't know what should I get. I just rely or shall we say copy what my classmates had written on their application form. Computer Science or Information Technology was my bet actually but then my parents had advised me not to go into it because usually that courses are only for abroad purposes or working in a call center. So, my first choice was deleted! Next choice was accountancy. Yes I'd love to be a CPA lawyer someday. That would be my lifetime dream. I was able to take up this course for the first semester in the freshmen years but my parents again told me that I have to step out with the course because it will took me five years and its hard to find a job having that course without a backer. So, I shifted to another course. I ended up shifting to College of Education. 

 Doing my Report in Math Ed 101. 

At first, I was really mad and upset with my parents. Why they let me transfer to a course I don't like. But then again, I have to because I have no choice. Many of my classmates says I could be a great teacher. Even one of my professors told me I could be a very competent and efficient teacher in the future. Yes! That is could be true in some aspect but I just did my best in every demonstrations I made. I don't like to be a fugly girl demonstrating in front of the crown unprepared. I'm doing it for the sake of my grades. Some says I have the quality of being a good teacher because I am an artists, good in lettering, efficient in making visual aids etc. But then, the question is do I like this kind of work? For me, being a teacher, you will be shouldering tedious and tough bulk of paper works. Its not an easy work. And being a teacher is not a job, it is a calling according to one of my professional education subjects. If you don't have the passion to teach then you don't fit on that profession. You should walk out as early as possible.

But I already started it and hoping to graduate this coming March 2013. But I have plans on my own. After reviewing I will be taking up the Licensure Examination for Teachers and after that I had this on my mind to continue my studies on accountancy. So help me God in fulfilling this dream. :)

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