Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great Videoke Day

So many things happened this day. Let’s get started with school. Lucky for me my class would start at 8:00 in the morning, which I find not too early. So, I really love attending my Educational Technology B class because I can apply my skills especially when we talk about computer. Today, we make our own business card. Not exactly our own but at least we have completed the activity before the time runs. My partner in this class is Annie. We chose Laureen Uy as our example. We made her Break My Style as her clothing line. We added some images from her blog to make the card more attractive.

In the afternoon, I had my class in Teaching Elementary Mathematics. There were two demonstrators which had a nervous breakdown feeling. Everybody was already afraid of our professor. The two was good. We acted like an elementary students.

After my class, Daina, Nurj, Pakner and I decide to hang out but we hadn't decided where to go. We had decided to go to Gaisano Mall and had a videoke hangout there. Nurj was acting so rude, like she was singing Aegis songs. I even destroyed my vocal chords, as if I really have that voice, because we scream at the top of our lungs. We were so tired shouting at the videoke isolated room and not singing. We have also had a fight in playing the basketball game in the mall. We won the game together with my pakner against the team of nurj and Daina. The best part of this was, when we ate “pinoy” at the street. The feeling like it was just the same as eating a boiled egg.

No pictures for this post. I was not able to capture some.

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