Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mean Girls

Rainy afternoon guys! So far, this would be my first blog on movies I recently watch. This movie was released on 2004, which means I am a little bit left behind with cool movies. I'm not fond of watching movies actually. It caught my attention because everywhere I searched  in the net about teen movies, it was one of the top peak of teenagers. I had time also reading some synopsis regarding the movie and I like it especially it's more on friendship. There was this girl, who raised up in Africa and her parents, which was a zoologist let her took his high school in a public school at United States. Cady Heron doesn't really know what high school meant and she was used to home-schooling. Her first day at school sucks. It was like no one would like to mingle and socialize with her. She even ate her first lunch at a comfort room. So pity! But at the second day she was able to meet sweet new friends named  Damian and Janis. One lunch afternoon, she encountered the "THE PLASTICS" which was the A-list, popular, crude, and beautiful clique headed by Regina George with Gretchen and Karen. When Cady sees Aaron Samuels, whci was Regina's ex-boyfriend, she falls in love with him. When Regina founds out about her feelings on Aaron, she sought revenge by taking and dangling Aaron in front of Cady. Now Cady, Janis, and Damian plot to bring Regina's status down. However, as Cady continues to spend more time with the Plastics, she begins to become one of them. 

In choosing friends, we really are required to select the best. It really does'nt matter if someone says you are choosy but you are the one at stake. True friends are hard to find and sometimes we neglect the real ones because we want more fame by clinging on the popular ones. We have to find a honest and trustworthy. We need to have a friend who doesn't back bight us when we are not with them. right now, I have my best friend. She is always ready to catch me every time hurricane problems come into me. I am proud and glad to say she is my best friend. Not only a best friend but a sister also.

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