Saturday, July 14, 2012

Retro Vintage Effects

 Hey guys! I have nothing to blog this past few days. School days was suspended from July 13-14 and plus Saturday and Sunday which results to long weekends. So, what I did this past few days was joining with many thrown giveaways from different blog sites. And I did also enjoy editing some pictures. I played with my old photos and try to edit it using different online photo editors and Photoshop. 

I am Majinboo.I used Photoshop in editing my picture with a two-hand loser sign and the effects was made in pixlr. I used this as my Facebook timeline cover. Visit my fb profile here

I already knew about this online photo editor but then what I knew about this before was the same as with photoshop. It's kinda an imitation of Photoshop but the good thing about this site its online. I just discovered that it has also retro vintage effects. It is so cool. It even made some shuffle effects on your picture. By just clicking, it automatically changes its effect and your work is whether you accept the random design  made by pixlr or try another one until you get what your picture looks like. Isn't it cool? No efforts at all! You can visit the site here

Here are the photos I edited using Pixlr.

Whip my Hair. U whip my hair back and forth.


Black and Red

Feeling Like a Boss

Sophisticated Feeler

Smile in the Midst of Darkness

What's Up yoh! Like this yo! Like this!

Short Hair. Don't mind the girl in the background. I dunno what's her problem. She's kinda lost! 

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  1. beautifull photos and great music girl!! :D good luck!! visit my blog :) kisses!


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