Friday, July 6, 2012

Run for a cause

I'm super excited for tomorrow's event. Our institute is celebrating now its 44th Charter Day and one of the event is the Bottle Run which is facilitated by the responsible KASAMA officers. This could be run for a cause. Instead of throwing the plastic bottles at home, they were used as the requirement to join the said event. The call it Bottle Run. Obviously, bottle run because of the bottles itself. Each individual is obliged to bring at least 2.5 liters of plastic bottles in any variant to be registered. I am happy to join event like this especially in terms of contributing to the goodness and preservation of our mother earth. Plastics will be decayed for hundreds of years maybe. Instead of throwing it let us reuse, recycle and reduce the use of it. We must engage and participate other eco-friendly cause. Even if you think your contribution don't make any sense but at least it counts.

Here is our registration number.

0074 - Majinboo (me)
0075 - Mojacko (my best friend)

Moreover, I even prepared what outfit I will wear. So here it is! See you guys in school at 5pm sharp. Time for me to have a beauty rest! :)

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