Sunday, July 22, 2012

Skirt Day - First Runway

Oh! I am a little bit camera shy! I am not used with this kind of routine. I'm used with taking pictures though,  but I seldom wear like this at school. It's my first time anyway. But then I felt comfortable wearing it. The worst thing was my classmates were shock seeing me like this. They are not used with me wearing an outfit which is so feminine. I usually wear a tee shirt paired with jeans.  Anyway, I don't care about what they felt or whatever they wanna say. I rule my own world. Commentators regarding my look are not allowed. Don't cross the line and you know what will happen next. Ohh! Im so harsh! Chill! :p

The photos were taken by Hafidah Amama, my best friend, and my daughter using Samsung Corby 1. She wants to call me her mom. I agreed with it. I like pampering her. Letting her feel that she's secured in my hands and I will give the care she needs.Hi best friend! I know you're reading this. I love you! ♥

So, I did some manipulations with the images. I downloaded some Photoshop actions and used it. Yes! If you are asking how did I get the best actions used in each photos, i did some trial and error. Patience is the key. Don't mind my ugly filthy face. I am not a model. And I eat a lot that's why my tummy is kinda full of fats! Hahahah! Making fats as reason!

Why are you looking at me? Is there anything wrong dude?

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