Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teaching Math Demonstration

Holla Guys! Yesterday, I became a photographer. I was asked by my classmates to document her demonstrations in one of our major subjects. Every meeting, there will be two demonstrators. It was the time of Sittie Carolyne Santiago and Riyan Butong, the one who asked me favor about taking pictures. The demonstrations of the two were good. There were just some corrections like grammar usage, mispronounced words, and classroom management. The positive side of Carolyne's demonstration was she did able to manage the class well and Riyan has a powerful voice which made the class alive and not boring. Our teacher told us that good voice is a requirement for a teacher. She must know how to make her voice loud and soft if necessary. This would be a good point from my teacher to remember. This next week my pakner's turn to have her demonstration and I am the last demonstrator for our laboratory section. I still have more time to prepare my demonstration. 

Here are some of the pictures I took. Sorry for poor angles ang lighting. I even edited the pictures to make it more presentable. 

The Demonstartors. From left: Riyan, the one wearing floral polo. And the glamorous Carolyne, wearing a striped pink polo paired with black slacks and a huge belt at the waist. I have a closer photographed of the belt. Just scroll down below.

Peachy Fashion. She looked so nice in her outfit. Stunning with her pink polo with a belt on plus a simple necklace accessories. 


We weren't early at our classroom but our professor was late. We had time to take some photos before she go inside. Some of our classmates even came in late. Aisha and Xahlvie did some help in pasting the instructional materials of the first demonstrator which was Carolyne.  

Peachy Girls. From left: Pakner, Me, Jude, Riyan, Carol, Xahlvie, and Aisha. Iam just wondering what happend to Pakner and Aisha. Haffy is looking at something, kinda sneaking with the Hany? The Hany was reversely handed by Xahlve. Aisha, is there something ewness. XD

Candid Smiles. Smiles are the best make-up a girl could ever wear. Smile more frequently girls.

Peace Sign. Aisha, Xahlvie and Carol at the back, all have the same hand signs. Hahahaha! 


I was so disgusted with myself. There was a time in the demonstration when Riyan called me to assumingly do some recap on the last topic. I was told to differentiate Proper and Improper fractions. I just said like this, "Proper fractions are fractions who have the same denominator". Yeah! I was so shy with my classmates and pissed off with myself. It was so embarrassing. I'm not careful with the words I say. be vigilant next time girl. 


Meet my batchmates at MSU- Iligan Institute of Teachnology. We are all taking up BEED- Science and Health. Hope to march at the gymnasium this March 2013. Inshaallah! We had some pictorial at CED Lobby while waiting for our next class at 5:00 pm. Indeed! I'm not the only vain person in CED. They are also.

I guess its the end of this show! Thanks for viewing and reading my blogs. This day also is the first day of Ramadhan. It is a holy month for the Muslim people. Ramadhan is not about having a feast of food after fasting during day time. Its a sacrifice. It is also a month of forgiving those person who had sin on you. Ramadhan also is a month of giving and sharing what you have to those who are needy. 

Ramadhan Kareem! ♥

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