Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vain-ity with my Best friend's SLR

Every Tuesdays, I will just stay up at school for a half of the day. Since, we really don't have things to do at school we always ended up going in their house at Tubod, Iligan City. We make plans on strange things we will do. But then again, the plans we made will be ruined because of one thing. And its being drowned with our hobby.. SLEEPING! We took some pictures at that time. This was taken actually last Tuesday and I will be posting it here... another late blog. I couldn't use the pc actually because of my sister. She will be so busy doing some unnecessary things in facebook.

Enjoy viewing the images!!! Most of my photos here makes my eye disappear because of the sun's rays. But I do have a chinky eyes. People say.

Floating Smile. A floating smile because obviously it's not genuine. A completely plastic matter!

Undefineable. No eyes at all. I wonder if I can still see if I would walk with an eyes like this.

Emote. I don't know. I look so ugly in here.

My Best friend. She was jealous with my chinky eyes because she has a big ones. She was trying to imitate it but ended up closing her eyes only.

Pouty Lips. This sick girl loves to make an expression like this on her face especially during wacky times in taking pictures. 

Kissing Spongebob. Hey! To whom would you want to kiss? 

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