Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weather is very unpredictable this days. This may be the result of our unconsciously actions which destroy our mother nature. Last December 17 of 2011, our city experienced a very tragic, traumatic, devastating flood. Hundreds of Iliganons died and millions of properties were destroyed. A tragedy brought by nature like flood can be prevented. Yesterday (August 25, 2012), we joined forces with ICNHS (Iligan City National High School) Batch '90 in their tree planting program in Pugaan, a barangay in Iligan City, where the people were victims of Sendong. 

In line with this program, to have uniformity and to express our thoughtful help to the nature, we printed something, not just something, but to convey a message to every people, in our tee shirts. This is how it looks!


Help The Planet Breathe

LOADING... Please Wait!!!

Our jeep really look so old but then, it was able to bring us in our destination. We took some picture while waiting for the others coming from MSU-IIT.

 Girl in Cap. Yeah! I look so cool having naughty people at my background.

Our first itinerary was again in Pugaan, Iligan City. We stayed their for about 4 hours if I'm not mistaken. The program was initiated by Batch '90 of ICNHS and after each of us planted a seedling of Mahogany. Before going to the place actually, we have to cross a hanging bridge which was for me a very adventurous one. It was a hard time crossing on it. The hanging bridge swayed every step I made. 


The Bridge. This picture was taken at the bridge. It was like a breathtaking moment crossing on it.

Stolen. The title maybe stolen but these are not stolen pictures. What an ironic thing. The last one is so ugly. I'm just fond of taking myself with a scripted stolen shots. Such a pretender.


 Bestfriend. Mojacko and Majinboo

 Datlusher. Taguroo and Majinboo

My Mother. Nurj and Majinboo


Mahogany Plant. I still find time taking pictures with the plant. It was hard actually crossing the bridge carrying this two seedling. My best friend even have some small bruise in her hand.


My Best Friend. Ok fine! I know your older than me. But in this picture, you're like a kid.A kid that was lost in the forest. Hey! What are you doing in the third picture? Hahaha! Ew!

Tree Growing. Datlusher help also in preserving our Mother Earth. I wasn't able to include Daina and Dada, I can hardly find their pictures. I found nothing like this.

After the tree planting, the Environmental Science (EdSc115) students did their activity. They were asked to get some water sample on the stream and measure the wideness and deepness of it. They also get the temperature of the stream. They also got some soil sample.

Activity. The EDCS 115 Students doing their activity. My bestfriend and I were not included on this one. We were just sitting somewhere and watching them. 

I stayed in Iligan City for more than 10 years already but I haven't gone to Maria Christina Falls, which is one of the scenic beauties of the City of Majestic Waterfalls. At last, I already steeped on the place. I was speechless and astonished when I see the falls. Indeed, it was really majestic. I felt like it was already the end of the world experiencing the beauty of the falls. You can feel really the cold air in the environment. I will make a separate post about Maria Christina Falls. Just keep in touch guys!!!
Welcome. While waiting for the ticket, we found time posing near the entrance gate. 

Pose Everywhere. You see how crazy and naughty Datllushers are by the way we pose. By the way, Joe and Farhana were with us. Joe is the one who wears a blue veil and Farhana is the chubby girl beside Joe. 

Hooray. When you enter at Maria Christina Falls you will be greeted with this scenic view. To have a nearer sight seeing, we have to climb on stairs all the way to the 2nd floor of a building. 

Maria Christina Falls. Truly, this view is a majestic one.

After visiting Mraia Christina Falls, we went to Nature's Park to have our lunch their. And we visited some of the wonders of the park. We saw different kinds of fauna and flora.

Nature's Park

Lunch. We ate our lunch very late, I think it was already past 1:00 pm. I was so hungry and I eat hurriedly. Maybe it was not only me but the rest of the group did also. I'm not the only greedy people in the world. :p

I'm laughing at myself every time I see the last picture. Hahahahah! Look at my lips. I was like murmuring something. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

R. Kelly Pizza is one of the pizza house which is recognizable and well-knowned in Iligan City. During iftar or  breaking our fast, more or less at 6:00 pm, we decided to try R.Kelly Pizza. I was with Haffy, Nurj and Daina. Actually, we are the one who are noted as the greedy ones when we talk about food in the group (Datlushers). We consumed two set of orders of pizza. That's how we eat a lot. While eating, we enjoyed exchanging ideas and chatting with each other. Nurj is really pulling our legs on her corny and green jokes. Speaking of the pizza, it taste palatable and delicious. Haffy and Daina is damnly crazy with the hot sauce. They both love spicy foods which is really very opposite with my taste. I am allergic to spicy foods. It will kill me to death. I love the tomato toppings with many cheese on it. We were satisfied what we ate their. There were no regrets at all trying R. Kelly Pizza. We'll try to get back their bringing the rest of the Datlushers. Burp*

Another vain photos to save in my blog.


Angry Bird.

 Peace Sign 
 Squint Eyes

Unsophisticated Smile.






My Pizza Masterpiece. It was so messy! Ketchup spills out everywhere.

Doubled Pizza. Nurj's Art.

Smiley Pizza. Haffy's Smile in a pizza.

Snake Pizza. Dainalyn's artistry.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm not really interested in doing some video shoots. I never dream to be an actress set asiding the fact that I am a Muslim which is really not allowed. But then, because it is a requirement in our English4 class we have to do it. It was really a tired-some day when we have our video shooting yesterday in Tambo, Iligan City. We stayed one of our classmate's garden. In our video shooting actually, we have to choose one short story in our literature book and find a song that will fit in the story. It's like making  a music video actually. It was very difficult in getting the correct angle of the SLR because we are really non pro and we're just merely students who don't have any background in video shooting. We choose the short story entitled "The Flower" which is one work of Alice Walker. I had fun doing some drama scenes without voice. Hahahah! Acting is really an awkward thing. I salute those great actresses and actors in our country. It wasn't hard taking videos over and over again. One mistake means another take. It requires a lot of patience especially the weather. It was so hot in the afternoon and we're all sweating. Lucky for those my Christian group mates because they can eat anything what they want and drink that time. I was fasting. I really felt the thirst and hungriness. 

Here are some of the pictures we had. I'll be posting the video soon here in my blog. I hope I'll have a soft copy of that. It's still in the process of editing actually. And thanks to pakner for providing with no hesitation her SLR.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Its been a long time and I wasn't able to post anything! :) I have made some quotes in Photoshop which i used to post in my tumblr account. You can also follow me in my tumblr account if you want. I just want to share here some of my favorite sayings, quotes. It doesn't matter what it talks. I know my blog is so boring but its my personal blog. i don't have lots of followers but I will keep this blog updated. Hope you'll like the quotes.

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