Saturday, August 4, 2012

Video Shoot in English4

I'm not really interested in doing some video shoots. I never dream to be an actress set asiding the fact that I am a Muslim which is really not allowed. But then, because it is a requirement in our English4 class we have to do it. It was really a tired-some day when we have our video shooting yesterday in Tambo, Iligan City. We stayed one of our classmate's garden. In our video shooting actually, we have to choose one short story in our literature book and find a song that will fit in the story. It's like making  a music video actually. It was very difficult in getting the correct angle of the SLR because we are really non pro and we're just merely students who don't have any background in video shooting. We choose the short story entitled "The Flower" which is one work of Alice Walker. I had fun doing some drama scenes without voice. Hahahah! Acting is really an awkward thing. I salute those great actresses and actors in our country. It wasn't hard taking videos over and over again. One mistake means another take. It requires a lot of patience especially the weather. It was so hot in the afternoon and we're all sweating. Lucky for those my Christian group mates because they can eat anything what they want and drink that time. I was fasting. I really felt the thirst and hungriness. 

Here are some of the pictures we had. I'll be posting the video soon here in my blog. I hope I'll have a soft copy of that. It's still in the process of editing actually. And thanks to pakner for providing with no hesitation her SLR.


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