Monday, September 24, 2012

We spent our night at Mapawa Nature Park during the first day of our trip. Its like almost 6:00 pm when we went there. The road was kinda terrible. There were no evidence of people living there because we only see trees, trees and trees. I felt so scary because we almost arrived their at 7:00 pm I guess. It was a quite long drive going to Mapawa Nature Park. 

Spree Time together with Taguroo (Daina). When we arrive at the ranch house, we had a crazy picture taking. Daina and I was so high.

When we arrived at the place where we are going to rest, I felt like goosebumps because of the old-fashioned style of the house. Its like an ancestral house. It was a two-storey house and we stayed at the second floor. We were so lucky to stay in the 2nd floor because it was so spacious and elegant. You will feel like you were living in an ancient house but a little bit frightening because of the animal sound you would hear during the night. My roommates were my best friend Haffy, Daina, Nurj, Anie and Aya, Dada and Nikki. Our schoolmates who stayed at the ground floor was unfortunately uncomfortable with their situation. They were so crowded in one room and the bed was double deck. 

Meet some of my Datlushers family and friends...
 FL: Dada, the frank member of our group, Aya the silent type yet intelligent, and Nurj the green joker!!!
FL: Joe, the naughty girl in town, Maymay, the modern muslim fashionista and Farhana, the Snow White!
FL: Annie the Paradoxical Girl in our group, she's too naughty but a very silent person and Daina, the ever cute barbie doll with tantalizing eyes.
Haffy, my best friend, the most cute person I ever met. Looks young but mind you she's a year older than me. This girl can easily change my mood from being angry. She just have to make some "pa-cute" and then my anger has flew away. My anger betrayed me also.
The Girls. Meet our guests, Layne, the girl hugging a teddy bear and Girlie with a blu shirt printed with "City of Baguio".

 Sleeping Attire??? These girls are really traitor (evil laugh). They took this hundred numbers of pictures while I am washing in the bathroom.

1st and 2nd Picture. Hey Billi Joe? What are ya doin'? Why are you carrying those luggage? Yo wanna go home? PEACE. XD

Majinboo and Taguroo. My face is really funny. It switches from a plastic smile to a big eyes with an excessive pouted lips. 

 Dada and Nikki wears a veil which give them like a old-fashioned bae a labi.
 Mirror. Nurj and I took photographed pitures of ourselves in the mirror and in the last picture there were to insert clip art persons, Daina and Pakner.
Laugh Trip. Hahahahah! While looking at the picture of Nurj you laugh as much as you can.

 I look so chubby in the second picture.
At the sala.

After resting for a while, we cleaned up ourselves and then ate our dinner. We had bonfire that night and played a game which was kinda scruffy. I won't explain it anymore what game we played because it was really confusing and disgusting. In short I hate the game and the organizer of it. PEACE ^_^

 Nothing less nothing more just me.
 The most embarrassing picture I had during this fieldtrip.
While waiting for the others in preparing, we stayed for a while at the balcony and took this memorable picture.

We took pictures making the bonfire as our background at the back. Thanks for the DSLR of Pakner for the good effects. 

Going back to our room, yey! its time to sleep. But before we rest we had a blast doing some lewdness together with Datlushers. We played nonsense game. It was like Pinoy Henyo. We even created a cheer for our group defeating the other group. Unfortunately, I don't have the soft copy of it. It was recorded with Dada's digital camera. We had to stop playing because we were so noisy to the point that we even neglect the presence of the people in the first floor. One of the students who was told by Sir Jun scolded us that we were so bump.

2nd Day in Mapawa Nature Park

We had many activities during the second day. I guess it was worth it going there. This park is really mysterious and it hides its beauty inside. Truly, this park is nature oriented. If you want to have a relaxing and  rejuvenating atmosphere then Mapawa is what you're looking for. In going there, I suggest you guys to have your own private service car or you can rent a van maybe.

1. Horse Back Riding
The first exciting activity we had was horse back riding. I have never experience riding on a horse since the day I was born. It was so funny seeing some of my classmates riding on it already assisted by the workers of Mapawa. The caretakers their was very much hospitable. They were so very kind to us. One thing I could say when someone is on the horse is that it was like swaying your body. It was very awkward riding on it. During my turn, I seldom scream because I was so dread with the horse thinking it might kick my away. I even shouted so loud when the horse suddenly run so fast. Hahahaha! It was really cool experience. 

I really don't know how much horse back riding costs but when I research on the internet it is about Php 100.00 per person for about fifteen minutes.

2. Zip Line
Before we went to the zip lining area, we had some words to hear from one of the worker of Mapawa who is one of the responsible person behind Mapawa's beauty and maintenance. He discussed about how many trees were planted inside the vicinity of Mapawa and the history of the park also. 

Its time to overcome my fear. I do't have any phobia with height but then zip lining is really scary. At first I really had many butterflies in my stomach but after releasing you in the starting point of the zipline you will feel the wind on your face as you enjoy coasting through. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking for friends is an easy thing to have whereas finding a best friend is quite difficult one. You can have many friends but you can only have a precious one to be called as your best friend. Time is not also a measure of friendship but how the both of you feel when you are in each other’s companion. What is important in having a best friend is that she makes you laugh, ready to catch you when you fall, gets mad at you but she will not let the day ends without resolving the trouble you had together and lastly the person who will not leave you in times of big dilemma you are going through. A best friend also is someone who will lend his hand with no doubt when you need some help. Nobody is perfect because all of us commit mistakes. Even if your best friend might do something wrong on you and eventually it will hurt you, don’t hesitate to forgive and forget provided that each of you had open the floor to say each own reason why things happen like that. We are naturally born as rational so everyone has the right to reason out and to be heard. These are my own views on what I have with my endearing best friend yet a mischievous and childish one. I can say that even if she’s just one, I am happily contented having her in my life.

One day, I met this girl in school whose name is and we were classmates. At first I really don’t like her because of her arrogant look. Whenever we talk to each other in school, I pretended to be a friend to her although I knew that she can sense that I really don’t like her. My thoughts on her before were really mean because I judge her without knowing her so well. When we were given a chance to know each better, I ate my entire judgmental outlook on her. Indeed, she was fun to be with and although sometimes she badly behaved but then you will feel her sincerity when she sympathizes on you. After quite some time, we become really close to each other until one day we had created our own endearment and as days passes by we become best friends. Becoming her best friend was a difficult one because we realized many differences between us although we had also similarities. Whenever we discussed those differences together, we always ended up fighting and yelling to each other. It was hard accepting it but eventually I learned that those differences we argue was non-sense like our status. She came from a wealthy family and I belong with a middle class family. Sometimes all of my insecurities will come to pass in my mind but I’d rather valued our friendship than wasting my time comparing myself to her former friends. I know that she valued me and she let me feel it that I’m the only best friend she will have.

Our favorite hang out together is taking pictures in order for us to record our memories. Every given chance and opportunity to take picture, we captured it. Sometimes, we go to mall together and buy similar clothes for us. The best trip we have is eating our favorite food. Since elementary years, I really don’t like to eat in Jollibee. I used to eat in McDonalds and my favorite food there is their spaghetti but when my best friend force me to eat Jollibee’s spaghetti, I already forget the latter one. So now, I keep on craving their very delicious and palatable spaghetti and burger. We have shared laughter and happiness together but we also have misunderstandings. But despite those quarrels we had, we always make sure that we will talk and discussed it and we see to it that everything will be settled. Having her in my life is the best gift I ever had from Almighty Allah and I am hoping that this friendship we build will nurtured until each of us buried six feet on the ground.

A best friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world works out.
Most people walk in and out of your life but a best friend leaves footprints in your heart.
A best friend is like a four leave clover: hard to find and lucky to have.
When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead,you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.
A best friend is one who thinks you're special when the rest of the world thinks you're a jerk.
A best friend spends time with you,shares ideas, respect your differences and sticks up for you when no one else will. I hope you find such friend,when you do appreciate that friend for who he/she is, don't expect him/her to be perfect and please dont ever compare that friend with any other. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 1. Still in the day 1 of our journey. In the afternoon we went to PAGASA office in El Salvador, Cagayan de Oro City. Due to our large number who joined the field trip, we were divided into halves. The building was too small to accommodate everybody. The estimated number of students who joined the trip was about 70 students. I belong with the second batch. 

Waiting. Sitting on the grass while waiting for the first batch. I am no more chinky eyes in the first picture. My eyes are so big same with the second picture. I guess I looked so weary in the last picture. Travelling from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro and then to Misamis Oriental back again to Cagayan de Oro is really a tiring one. 

The Bestfriends. I have to flood this blog with pakner's picture. As you have seen in the first itinerary of our trip in Mantianak, she was often seen in most of the images. I don't want her to feel huff on me. She look  so good on this.

This how I really look when I'm not in mood to take pose! We had a little misunderstanding with my best friend about something. I couldn't remember it already but I guess we were able to solve it at that time.

Different Ways of Expression. 

What did we do in PAGASA?

 So, we had this  jump shots. It was a little bit annoying jumping and jumping all over again. We had a long journey all the way from Misamis Oriental back to Cagayan de Oro City but we still had energy to jump as high as like this. I had the best trip during this time, an unforgettable one and needs to be cherish.! ^_^
Friendship. Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.

The Lago Sisters, Aya and Annie, and Nikki! 
 Yeah! I love your jump shot Daina! 
 This group took how many shots before getting it correctly. Joe had a hard time!!!
Yeah! Look at my facial expression. Dada was like "Yeaaah... Chaaaaaaaaaaarge". And my mommy Nurj is still look demure even doing jump shot! 
Meet my professor in Astronomy. This tall and they say, handsome professor in CED-IIT, made me love everything about universe. By the way he loves Carl Sagan. He kept on repeating his name every class hours. ^_^
Datlusher together with Sir Jun ^_^

Going Upstairs. Yey! Its cold inside. 
 Hey girls listen to what the weather forecaster is saying. You keep on staring at the cam. They really don't mind what the weather forecaster is explaining but instead we did some gossip rumors about someone.
The Weather Forecaster. I wish I could be like her. 

 Time to go home!

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