Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Package | BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY from Theabooo

I'm so glad to receive this giveaway. I waited for more than a  month for this to come. Actually, I didn't feel mad of the sponsor of this giveaway and I am not accusing her because of the delay in shipping. I am thankful that despite of the obstacles she is going through she still able to ship it to me last Saturday. I still have here actually the  message in my Facebook account coming from confirming that I won in her giveaway last August 1, 2012.

So, here is a photo of the giveaway from the site of Thea. I really thought this was a bracelet. But I was shocked when I open my LBC package and saw a BUBBLES Six Frenchbraids in GRAPE . As for this moment, I don't know where or when I could wear it. Maybe I can use it for special occasions, but still I can't imagine myself wearing it. My mom keeps on laughing at me when I wear it. Yeah! Of course they don't know what fashion and trend is. Sorry Mom! (peace sign).

BUBBLES Six Frenchbraids in GRAPE

Here are some of the pictures I took at home. Sorry for the low quality images and especially the annoying hello kitty bed sheet in my room. I really don't like it but I have no choice. I just borrowed my cousins phone to captured it. I hope I'll have my own camera soon. I hope I'll win another giveaway. ^_^

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