Sunday, September 2, 2012

Centennial Park Photo Shoot

I'm a lazy blogger. I have to update my blog. I will flood my blog this week to make it up to you guys.  Last week was our Palakasan Days. I really did not enjoy it, I mean I did not enjoy the long vacation. The classes were suspended for one week but I still had to come to school for a make-up class in our Teaching Science. 

One afternoon, after we have done with the demonstration in Teaching Science, Prof. Joy Magsayo borrowed pakner's dslr. We didn't know actually what will she do in borrowing it. Later, we knew she will be having a photo shoot in Centennial Park with his General Science students. We invited the Datlusher to go with us also. 

MODEL: Prof. Joy R. Magsayo

I'm not the one who took this images. Credits to Sheng Kü!!!

While our professor is busy with her photo shoot with her hired photographer, we also had fun taking pictures with ourselves. Even without using a DSLR or we still managed to take a pro shots. (drum rolls...) I'm becoming more boastful as time goes. I become more confident taking picture with myself. I guess, my face become pretty a little bit. I'm crazy. Don't mind what I'm writing here. I just don't have to say which means I am already an official lazy blogger. I was like writing non sense things here which do not need to be mention. But that's what I feel though. I have the freedom to say what I'm going to say.

Moving on, here are some of the digital camera shots we had in Centennial Park. 

B1 and B2. As expected always we come in pair. We will not let a day last having on trip without taking pictures. Having her as my best friend really matters. I almost depended myself on her. Like going to school, eating lunch, doing assignments, going home etc. we must be always sticking together. I'm not comfortable without her in my side. We are like B1 and B2 glued forever. Hey! The last picture looked like I myself had only a connected head with my best friend's body. 'twas funny looking at it.

Failed Jump. I forgot who did take the pictures. He/ She maybe didn't know how to take pictures in a jump shot mode. Taking picture with jump shot is a very tedious one. It will take your breath away.

Veiled. My bestfriend started being veiled when Ramadhan 2012 started. Unfortunately, Im just clinging my hijab in my neck. Hopefully, I will wear it modestly and properly in Allah's time.

B & W. The unedited picture of this really look photoshopped. Our face was so soft and smooth with no marks of anything. 

Plastic Smile. I learned already how to wear a plastic smile in my face. Glad to have a talent like it!

Lady-Like. I was sitting like a lady with a pretty brown eyes. I just love the view at my background side. Pakner took this picture perfectly.

Spot the Difference. The smile thing is the only difference in the picture. The first one is doing some pouty lips  which is more wacky type and the second picture was all-teeth-out smile.

Failed to Jump. Another failure. Hahahahah! With the Datlsuher.

The Polka Dot Heart.

Sunset in the Centennial Park. The sunset was not totally observed during that time but then the view was still breath taking. I can easily appreciate things like this. I even considered it as one of the greatest view I've seen for the rest of my life. I enjoyed watching the combination of yellow and orange color in the sky and the formation of the clouds.

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