Thursday, September 20, 2012

Its Travel Time: Mantianak, Nature Park and Botanical Garden

After all the hectic schedules given by the midterm exams, we had time to unwind ourselves together with my course mates. The field trip was not all about fun but we also have reasons in going there. Our educational trip started from September 15 up to 16. The Environmental Science students will gather some data regarding with the present flaura and fauna in the park. I am not included with the class actually because I already finished the course and we did the same activity but our major trip was in Bukidnon but on our way home we had a stop over in this place. So that means, its my second time to go in Mantianak. It was two years ago and this park has greatly change. I scan my flash drive if I still have a soft copy of Mantianak two years ago and gladly I found it. 


Oh yeah! Im still chubby before. I greatly change from fat to a skinny girl. I'm wearing a long blue lacoste with collar shirt. We were having fun taking some pictures while lying on the ground together with our professor Joy R. Magsayo. 

Rawwwrrr! The Tiger. Sometimes I am confused with tiger and lion. Hahahah!


Going Solo

Datlushers outside the Park

The Entrance Gate

Bench Model???


Inside the Park (2012)

Mantianak is our first itinerary in our educational trip. I have researched some information about the place. Mantianak is found in Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental which is about an hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City if there's no traffic you'll meet on the way. But I could say that it took for more than an hour because of the project road reconstruction from Cagayan de Oro City all the way to Misamis Oriental. The etymology of the name of the park got it from late Cong. Danny Lagbas after it was rumored that there is a tianak in that place.

Colorful Bird

The Reconstructed Bridge together with Joe and Maymay.

A Giant Ostrich. They are innate big. I wanna ride on its back. I think it would be fun but I don't know if it can carry me. Ostrich runs so fast.

A Little Falls in Mantianak

Still manage to smile in the cam even if I am really afraid inside.

Large Fruit of What?. I can't remmeber the name of this because I was not listening to the tourist guide. I hate that background person at my back.

This tourist spot is a recommended place for each of you to visit. Different kinds of species and even endangered species are there. The main attraction of the park is the three tigers before and it was added with a tiger when I came back to this place. I had a blast with the place. Even if it was my second time but I still enjoyed seeing the different species again and aside from the fact that they added more. They reconstructed some of the wooden bridge.


Daina and Nikki

Best friend Haffy and Me, the Baby! ^_^

Nikki and Aya

Anie and Maymay


Rawwr. Don't come near! Im gonna eat your flesh baby! Evil laugh *hahahaha!

Tiger Family Tree. This looks like pakner, the person on the top is our mother and we are the children and we're still looking for our dad to complete this family tree of tigers.

DATLUSHER with Friends

You may find three person here who are not member of Datlusher that's why I added friends. I will introduce to guys these three gorgeous ladies. The first one is the girl in the left wearing a blue cardigan. She is Joe. Actually, she is not a new friend but then we just seldom see each other in school that's why there's still a quite little gap between us but I think we're getting closer because of this trip. The second one is the ever flawless girl I've ever meet. Her name is Farhana, the girl beside me carrying mineral water on her hand. Her hair is so straight because of the power of re-bonding and a little history of her is we are batch mate with her sister. The other girl is Janina. I don't know how to describe her but one thing that will greatly come out when you are in her company is her ever green words. She talks it like its just a normal thing. I can't take sometimes of her green expressions. But she's very fun to be with. I'll assure you that you will not be bore.

DEMURE. I thought we are going to sit like a demure ladies but then what happened to Nikki, Anie and Sittie? 

I know you seldom see my bestfriend in many of the photos. It is because she is the photographer. Luckily, someone had taken this photo. That's the reason maybe why the image is like blurry. I dunno who took this.

UNITED. Random people with different courses and races together as one with our beautiful professor Ma'am Joy.

NOTE: I'm wearing the same shirt during our local trip in Iligan. It becomes my favorite shirt. I have to seldom wear it so I could still use it for a long span of time without letting the color fades.

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