Monday, September 3, 2012

One Day x Fingertip Accessories Giveaway

Hi friends! I'm blogging my first time to receive a blog giveaway. Technically, this is not the first time, it's the second time already but since this one came first then it must be the first one. (I'm confused with my sentence.) I don't know if it will arrive but I guess it wouldn't. Its like a couple of weeks ago and still the sponsor/the owner of the blog wasn't able to send it to me because she was a victim of flood and she was also hospitalized according to her. But I dunno, I don't care at all if it will come. It's up to her if she will ship it to me or not. 

Moreover, lets get started with what I have here. Last month, I won in giveaway. It was sponsored by Fungertip Accesories. I was so happy when I read this post while scanning the news feed in facebook. Horaaaaaaaaay! Confetti here...

Last Saturday, I just received my winning prize. I took some pictures of it. My warmest thanks to Fingertip Accessories for the very cute accesories then sent to me. 

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