Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TINTA: Verve

Stiffed. Standing stiffed in front of the IDS- Multi-Purpose Hall (Music Room) where the exhibit was held.

Hey! What's up guys? I have something great to blog for aspiring artists there. Tinta which is a very famous group of artists in Iligan City is having their exhibit in our school (MSU-IIT). The theme of their exhibit was "VERVE" which means vigor and spirit or enthusiasm. Choosing and deciding the thee was a difficult task as well as selecting paintings, sculptures and other forms of artworks that would fit in with the chosen theme.  By the way, they are celebrating their 6th anniversary. The masterpieces are open for public especially for those MSU-IIT students. If you want to have a look on it, you can visit IDS - Muti Purpose Hall (Music Room). And see how TINTA painters/artists expresses their own feelings on a medium.

CREDITS TO:  Tinta Facebook Page. The picture above says everything about the exhibit. 

Images shown below are examples of the artistry of Tinta. I am always in the picture because we are not allowed to take pictures alone. Thanks pakner for the unwearied time in taking the pictures. Enjoy viewing and kudos to the Tinta painters. Job well done!!! ^_^

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