Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is a late blog. But I would like to greet my Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam Happy Eidl Adha. My sister and I took some pictures during this holy celebration. We prayed at the public plaza which was cleaned by the volunteer organization, ISCOM (Islamic Communication) at the night before we will do our shalah. 

I ask forgiveness to those I may have hurt unconsciously. And to those who have hurt me in the past, rest assured that I am not keeping a rage against you today and in the future.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Advance Happy Halloween everybody! I'm gonna share my first time visit in the Islamic City of Marawi. I'm gonna flood you first with some information regarding with the city. Marawi is the capital city of the province of Lanao del Sur which is located in Mindanao. Almost all of the population of the city comprises with purely Maranaos. This city is known for its cool climate because of its high elevation and was called then the Summer Capital of the South. 

I've got all that information in Wikipedia. Obviously, I am empty-headed with Marawi City. I only heard it from my friends but I knew the city, the name of the city only. I really don't have any idea on how does it look. Actually, even if I am Maranao, going in this city, startled me also. There was a recent bad incident happened that's why I am a little bit afraid.

On our way, I feel so dizzy. The road was like forming a zigzag pattern. The trip was about 45 minutes if riding on your own service. But I guess my head will spin more all around if I will be on a passengers jeep which will take for about an hour. Even in the car, I really was about to puke but I tried to endure it. By the way, I was with my thesis mates Daina and Haffy along with her brother who volunteered to drive us on our destination and he also let her two classmates hitch on us. Inside the car, it was like sitting inside the church. I can't heard any voice from anyone. Everybody was in a solemn mode. Maybe we were not acquainted that much except for my thesis mates.

At the front of the Schools Division Superintendent Office, Marawi City 

Our purpose on going to Marawi City is to go to the office of the division superintendent to let her signed our letter asking for permission in allowing us to conduct our thesis study in some selected schools in the said city. Luckily, we had accomplished our goals for that day. The superintendent issued us an indorsement that will be given then to the individual principals of the three selected schools.

A photo together with Dr. Mona Macatanong, the school division superintendent. 

Angoyao Central Elementary School

During lunch, we stayed at the store of Haffy's aunt. Daina and I was overwhelmed to see many chocolates and empty calorie foods. We're fond of eating those which is unhealthy. We bought some snacks to be eaten when we came back in Iligan City. Her aunt served us pater which costs for only Php15.00. That was palatable anyways but it was too spicy for me. I enjoyed eating the yellow rice instead which was added by powderized turmeric. 

Front View of the Store. The image was corrupted or maybe was not uploaded correctly. Sorry

Chatting together with Daina while waiting for Mamay.

Smile Taguroo

To sum up my observations and correct my expectations, I was really disappointed with Marawi. I thought the city was really a city. My expectations were too much. I observed that the commercial buildings, establishments, elegant houses, restaurants and squatter's area are put together. They were mixed in a single area. It was like standing in a city and afterwards you feel like in a barrio again. The climate their was really cold which made me chill the whole trip.

We go to the positive sides of the city also. I was really speechless and astonished to see the beauty of the MSU main. The state university's golf was like a little Baguio. You can see pine tree along the side of the road. I was unable to catch up some pictures because it was raining hardly. Next time, we must go there in a good weather condition. We planned to go there this coming Sunday.

I edited some of the pictures.

I've got some cute outfit in OASAP that could be wore by a Muslimah. I've looked some long sleeves dresses. So, you would look more pious if paired with jeans or leggings and a veil. It's really hard to find long sleeve dresses in our location especially during different occasions. You must be presentable and wore outfit accordingly. I know there are lots of choices we can opt to pick but then what would you feel when you walk by and then saw someone with the same clothes like you wear. The situation is always been like that here in our place. The trendy outfit will be worn by everybody. And I really don't like to be one of them. I want to be unique in my own way without seeing someone with same clothes as mine.

The following are one of my likes.
Elegant Back Zipped Floral Print Dress. This dress has been crafted in dacron and spandex, featuring a round neck with floral print, zipped closure to back with pleated detail to waist, puff sleeve style, in short length cut.

Puff Sleeve Floral Print Single Breasted Dress. This dress has been crafted in 42% dacron, 50% cotton and 8% spandex, featuring a standing collar with floral print, single breasted detail with puff sleeves, in short length cut.

Ethnic Print Sleeveless Bound Waist Long Dress Dress crafted in cotton, featuring round neck, sleeveless styling, bound waist, ethnic print to main, in calf length cut. This dress must be paired with a cardigan since its sleeveless.

Chain Print Halterneck Ankle Length Dress. Dress made of terylene, featuring halterneck styling, chain print to main, high waist, in ankle length cut. A blue or white cardigan can be paired up with this dress.

Elegant Single-breasted Long Sleeve Dress. The dress is crafted in cotton, featuring long single-breasted closure, round neckline, long sleeves, medium fitted waistline, flouncing skirt design and long length cut. Since its a round neckline, preferably you have to wear a big black or orange rectangle hijab and paired it with jeans or any lower clothing you want it to be paired.


I took this picture before going out and used it as my Facebook cover.

Hi! I just went out alone in the city to pay our internet bill at PLDT and I've decided to roam around the nearby buildings I could go which is just a walking distance. It was almost quarter to 12:00 and I feel hungry so I settled it by dropping by at Jollibee in Aguinaldo branch. Its hard to eat alone in a crowded place. I ate as fast as I could so I can feel that awkward feeling momentarily.

Then, I bought some stationary and other office supplies that I could use as a replacement for a planner. I was trying to buy a planner for our thesis schedule online but I think it would be more expensive. These were the things I've got in Crown Stationary. It costs  just a hundred so it was not too heavy in my pocket. I hope we could use these stuffs.

1. Memo Cubes

I will use this one instead of the planner I decided yesterday to buy. I was fascinated with its different colors. It consists of red, pink, blue, green, orange and yellow memo notes. The paper is thick enough. It then would not be easily teared or crumpled. Its a high quality paper also because its from Advance Corporation which is noted of distributing superior quality of paper. One box consists of 480 sheets. You will not be run out of the memo notes for a year perhaps. By the way, its not a sticky note.

2. Paper Clips

Since the memo notes I bought is not intended for sticking purposes. I grabbed some clips also to use it in compiling the notes I'll be recording. I prefer the small ones because its so cute.

3. Ordinary Ballpen

I've got three ordinary varied colored ballpen. I opt to pick out ordinary Uni ballpen because I find it clean when I used it in writing. Its cheap also and I'm learnign to thrift for now because I'll be spending much with our thesis preparation.

And this is all I've acquired in Crown Paper Stationary. Its value is less than a hundred. Learn to be thrifty. That's what I've learned for this day but then I spent to much in terms of food. Its an exception though. XD

That's all for now. I'll be organizing what should be done and prepared for our second trip in Marawi. BTW, I wasn't able to post about my first step on Marawi City. The weather was not cooperative at that time. So, together with my co-thesis mate we were not able to captured some pictures. I have but few only. I'll blog it sooner.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Annyeonghaseyo! Every Mondays of the week last semester, I joined with an English tutorial class which costs me nothing. It was a free tutorial for those tribes who were having problems regarding with their English accent and intonation. Maranaos, like me, are greatly facing this kind of issue. Most of us are used to a loud voice while talking. Some people like Christians, would interpret the way we converse as quarreling and making some endless discussions even in public places without minding people staring at us. But then, you can't blame us because that's what we used to be since childhood. Yelling and screaming is somewhat similar with a normal conversation.

I joined with this English tutorial class for two reasons. First, I admit that I am not grammatically perfect in terms of speaking and writing English language, so I am willing to learn more from them. The second reason is I want to develop my oral/speech communication skills. By the help of these two generous and kindhearted people from USA, in the person of Timothy G. Konuch and Rebecca D. Konuch, some of the Maranao students in MSU - Integrated of Iligan Institute of Technology gained much self confidence in terms of oral communication. The patience they laid on us every time we come to class late and their efforts in going to school every Mondays just to teach us was remarkably showing their sincere assistance towards us. 

You might ask what were the things we were doing during the whole semester. We always start our meeting with pronunciation. We were taught some of the commonly mispronounced words that we used to say before and vocabulary. Every session, I am looking forward with more on idiomatic expressions commonly used in the US. They introduced some of them which I was really unacquainted in my formal schooling. There were also few familiar ones.

We had grammar lessons and after the discussion we were given a short exercises based on the discussion. After that, we will tackle some short stories and we'll have a conversation then. Sometimes, as a sort of recreation, we played games also. And my minion every session were the prizes we received from them.

 During our Recognition Day

Distribution of the Certificates

The Cake


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