Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart

Good evening guys. I'll be starting today my ever first blog post about the challenge I've got in the internet. This first blog entry is quite hard to do because I am secretive when talking about this one. But then, I have to complete all the challenge. It's still the first yet I find it hard to think what to write.

Every girl has her own standards in terms of choosing the right guy. But there are some circumstances that all of those requirements might not be entirely accomplish. The standards we set might also lead as to become over fastidious in choosing the man. This probably may end choosing the wrong guy. I am going to list five ways on how someone can win my heart.

1. He should be a FBI.
FBI stands for Firm Believer in Islam. In order for a man to win my heart, his deen must be Islam. I know that I am not that kind of religious but at least someone could enlighten me and always reminds me to follow what Allah says and the Holy Qur-an. This will probably the fastest way of winning my heart. I want a man whose faith is strong because it will be the key to a successful relationship or marriage if in case.

2. He must have completed his academics.
You may always heard of the cliche "Be practical". That's what always people say. And if you want to win my heart then I guess you must have at least finish a degree. That's being practical. I have also sacrifice a lot in terms of school. I have done skipping lunch just to finish school requirements, skipping breakfast in order not to be late, sleepless nights just to study to have high grades and cramming just to finish my degree with flying colors. I am hoping I could march next year. Inshaallah. And all of these hard works I think must be re-payed with the equivalent person with the same academic achievements I have. I know its being too ambitious but I am just thinking of my future child/children someday. 

3. He must accept me of who I am.
I don't want anybody else change me of who I am. A man that will accept and love me unconditionally will absolutely win my heart. I know its hard to recognize man's faithfulness on you but I know your heart will do the work for you. I am a person who does not let anyone step on me. I am really a trouble maker having the assurance of being in the righteous side. Of course, I don't want myself to be disgrace and embarrassed with many people and I am always doing my greatest effort to control my temper. I think that's the bad side of me and I hope someone could withstand my prone-to-war attitude.

4. A man indulge in music.
I am a music lover. And believe it or not I am head over heels with male foreign bands. I just don't know but it started when I was in high school. I just find their music cool and the message of their songs are truly delivering what my hearts wanted to say. One of the band I am so fascinated with is Boys Like Girls. My fascination to them reach me memorizing almost of their songs. 

Seeing a man carrying and strumming a guitar and then singing makes my heart jump. A man who is indulge in music could win my heart with no second thoughts. 

5. A man who always reminds me that I am beautiful even if I'm not.
I know this last one is kinda unfair but then then if someone is really determine to win your heart then he must always been saying that you are beautiful. Hahaha! I know this one is senseless but I can't think of anything else. Please excuse this last message.

These are just merely some of my own views of what  a man could do to win my heart. But I will just left the decisions to Almighty Allah to let that someone destined for me to be really with at my side at the right time and place.

That's all for this night! I have to sleep early and avoid being nocturnal. I have been sleeping so late these past few weeks. And I have a long trip to Marawi City tomorrow and we will start our itinerary at an early time. Good night!

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