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English 4 Activities: Poetry Reading and Play

What's up guys? I'm going to share with you the activities I had during midterms and finals in English 4. I am a fourth year student but still I wasn't able to take up English 4, which is a minor subject. As I've already been telling I'm a shiftee student that's why I left behind some of the minor subjects I should have before stepping on fourth year. By the way, my professor in this subject is Prof. Fatima Joy Almarez, which is known as the most "Kikay" professor in English department.  


During our poetry reading presentation, I didn't expect it will turn out as synchronous as that. Though sometimes we were not able to read in unison but at least our professor appreciated the effort we exerted during the preparation. The truth is, we didn't able to practice having a perfect attendance. I think our presentation was our first practice together. During the practice, there were only few of us who went to the meeting place. 

We made all the preparation during the presentation. We were running out of time in decorating the stage we'll be using because we only have one hour to prepare because each of us had their own classes before the presentation. So, it turned out for our professor to wait for a longer period of time outside the room. She did not enter the room yet because she wanted to thrill herself on the preparations we made.

The Stage. The result of our hardwork which seems not so good. The curtains are crmpled like a paper. No one volunteer to iron it. We are truly unprepared during our presentaton.

Cutout Letters. I am trying not to make any harsh comment but I don't like the color combination. 

Boys almost did the works. 

Lighting Effects. The boys were so excellent using colored water cellophane to maneuver the lights inside the room. It was cool! I learned from them.

Oh! me helping the boys out in plotting the letters on the curtains. I look like a fool raising my hands. I was about to do some peace sign but it didn't end up well. 

Ohhh! You camera get rid of me! I want to make many pose but then I want to help.  

Rose, Mac and the Big Boy in our room are doing some stuff. They were the most loyal leaders in our class. They are the one who did great effort in our presentation. The concepts of the show was behind their great minds.

Forming the cut out letters together with rose and my active classmates.

The Girls. They were furnishing their hard copies of the poem. Go pretty girls!

Its time to present...

The next activity was the play. This was held at College of Nursing Hall last September 8, 2012. So, the characters were chosen not by choice or random selection but those students who haven’t able to watch the play Ming Ming. Luckily, I was able to watch the play and I already had a blog about the said play. You can check it here: (Link). There were two sections actually who have different play. The first play was kinda Boys Over Flowers type of story. It was like an unwise/crazy girl who became a slave of a wealthy man and eventually fall in-love with each other. At first, the guy couldn't accept the fact that he was already falling for a girl who was very clumsy and gullible. I actually forgot the name of the main characters. To make the story short, the end of the story was unexpected. Both the unwise girl and the wealthy man had a torrid kiss at the end of the play. It was funny though, both of them acting like kissing but they didn't actually. The girl was to ugly for that boy.

This girl was looking for a job in order for her to alimony her self especially in her studies. So, he met this man and he help her find a job. This man is not yet actually the main character. He was just told by his boss to look a personal maid for him. And after that, she went to the house of the person to whom she will work and she found out that she will work in a mansion. The expression of this girl really made me laugh while watching the play. Even if she doesn't say anything I think i can laugh. That's how powerful the charm of the girl! (sarcastic me!!! *peace sign here*) 

The girl had already been working with the wealthy man. Unfortunately, her boss was really loud to say that he does'nt like the girl. And her boss was a heartthrob. And this hostile girl came, and then love triangle exist then. The girl was like a bully in their school which was led by the girl wearing a skirt in the picture and her mortal enemy also in the heart of the wealthy man (boy wearing a green tee shirt).

And here comes the girl (the girl wearing a red blouse and a white pants), which was the sister of the wealthy man to rescue and help the lead girl. And the man in the picture was inlove with the sister of Lyan (the wealthy man, I already remember his name). So, he asked the lead girl to help him in his marriage proposal to the sister of Lyan. But everything was ruined. 

They planned the marriage proposal during the birthday of Lyan. Unfortunately, instead of proposing at the sister of Lyan, the man (wearing white polo) proposed to Lyan. Everybody thought that the man in white polo was a gay especially the flirty girls who kept on intruding the life of Lyan.

He was totally mad at the lead girl because of what had happened. He really looked like a fool and a gay of course in front of many people and his soon to be wife, the sister of Lyan. He then invited her to go in the bar to chill and unwind his self.

After being so dizzy, they ended up together! It gave me shock! But then nothing really happened between them. Whatta relief!!!

But at the end he was able to propose to the sister of Lyan. That's more important. 

They were trapped in the office of Lyan. There so sweet. Hahahaha! I know this kind of scene is really corny but then I felt the "kilig". I admit it. This was the time Lyan admitted also that he love this girl. 

The Main Characters of the Play

The End.

After the first play of the other section, before we started our play we had first a "balak form our classmate. I really don't know the names of my classmates. We were like a United Section composed of different courses  and different colleges.

His balak was really very funny. Balak is like reciting a poem in vernacular language. It was really cool especially his punch lines. *a big applause for his unique talent*

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