Friday, October 26, 2012

English Tutorial Recognition Day

Annyeonghaseyo! Every Mondays of the week last semester, I joined with an English tutorial class which costs me nothing. It was a free tutorial for those tribes who were having problems regarding with their English accent and intonation. Maranaos, like me, are greatly facing this kind of issue. Most of us are used to a loud voice while talking. Some people like Christians, would interpret the way we converse as quarreling and making some endless discussions even in public places without minding people staring at us. But then, you can't blame us because that's what we used to be since childhood. Yelling and screaming is somewhat similar with a normal conversation.

I joined with this English tutorial class for two reasons. First, I admit that I am not grammatically perfect in terms of speaking and writing English language, so I am willing to learn more from them. The second reason is I want to develop my oral/speech communication skills. By the help of these two generous and kindhearted people from USA, in the person of Timothy G. Konuch and Rebecca D. Konuch, some of the Maranao students in MSU - Integrated of Iligan Institute of Technology gained much self confidence in terms of oral communication. The patience they laid on us every time we come to class late and their efforts in going to school every Mondays just to teach us was remarkably showing their sincere assistance towards us. 

You might ask what were the things we were doing during the whole semester. We always start our meeting with pronunciation. We were taught some of the commonly mispronounced words that we used to say before and vocabulary. Every session, I am looking forward with more on idiomatic expressions commonly used in the US. They introduced some of them which I was really unacquainted in my formal schooling. There were also few familiar ones.

We had grammar lessons and after the discussion we were given a short exercises based on the discussion. After that, we will tackle some short stories and we'll have a conversation then. Sometimes, as a sort of recreation, we played games also. And my minion every session were the prizes we received from them.

 During our Recognition Day

Distribution of the Certificates

The Cake


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