Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hermosa Octofest Giveaway

It's been a while since I am not joining so many giveaways. I just was so busy at school doing many paper works and other requirements because the semester almost ends. So, as a new fresh start, I am joining this Hermosa Octofest giveaway of Kai Grafia (KAIGRAFIA) along with Patricia Tan of lalalaPatricia.info . The giveaways are the different collaborations of brands which makes this a fiesta of prizes. Thanks for the generous sponsors. 

♥ Hermosa Octofest Giveaway "A Fiesta of Prizes" 
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There are many choices you can choose from among the giveaways that will be given. But I choose the Mullet Dress from the Doll House and a Acrylic necklace from Personalized Accessories.

You can join here! http://www.kaigrafia.com/2012/10/hermosa-octofest-giveaway.html

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