Friday, October 5, 2012

Hilary: My Birthday Celebration

Celebrating birthday occasions in my entire life doesn't matter. But it started to become a must to rave up when my Datlusher family started to surprise every member during their birthdays. My 20th birthday celebration with them was really a memorable one. Having them as my friends was being me as the luckiest person. I never expected the surprises they prepared for me. They may think that it was just a simple present but it has a depth impact towards them as my friends. 

Moving on with my birthday celebration, I already knew from the start of the day that they will have a astonishment party for me and I knew it because Dainalyn was unconsciously revealed it to me. I didn't intended to have information regarding their plan on my birthday celebration but she ruined a little bit of the show. But despite of that, I was still surprised so don't worry too much guys. Do not lay all the blame to Daina.

Since, we don't have any house available to go to, it was like a tradition celebrating Datlusher birthdays at my best friend house, we decided just to eat outside. We ate at R.Kelly Pizza House again which I had already blogged it here. 

No. 8. A lucky number, they say, because it's like the math symbol infinite when inverted horizontally which means abundance of infinity with good lucks.

While waiting for the orders, everybody seems so weary and jaded. I can't even explain their faces. Everyone was worn-out. Look at some of the droll faces of the Datlusher except me who was very much stimulated that night because of the sapid pizza that will be serve to us.

Nikki seems so sleepy. Her eyes was going to close in just a second. 

Thinking hardly with what Nurj?

Ok! It was Nikki, Nurj and Sittie who were so jaded and bored while waiting for the food. It seems They were not excited. Oh! Oh!

The Birthday Celebrant in a focus view. Hahahah! 

Daina and Dada. I highly appreciate the presence of Dada. She traveled all the way from their home to the school just to be their in my little birthday celebration. Thank you Dada! :)

Aya and Nikki. Aya always gets shy when taking pictures. I hope you'll become more showy. I don't know that term. 

My bestfriend who always becomes the photographer in every event. Thanks a lot for bringing your cam for the documentation of this event. Love lots! ♥

Shot in the Mirror. She captured herself on the mirror because no one wanted to use and maneuver the dslr. Good idea Haffy.

Whatta face. Not yours but mine at the background. Hahaha!I was caught in the act of talking. Grrr >.<

The Pizza

I think we were able to eat 5 pizzas and I almost ate one whole pizza. One of my friend Annie really don't ate pizza. She was able to manage 2 slices but after that she didn't eat already. She was like ready to puke in a moment. I was so guilty why decided to held the event in a pizza house when in fact one of my friends really don't ate pizza. I feel bad for Annie. Next time we won't eat there. But then the pizza were awesome. It satisfies my tummy. I am actually very choosy in terms of what to eat.

Full Tummy

After eating we had some picture taking again and you can see the table was so messy as shown in the pictures below. They showed me this artwork cartolinas which contains messages from them and some of my batch mates and friends at school. Some of the messages were just merely for the sake of having something written on a paper. Some just says HBD and some drew a tree which I really don't have any idea why he/she did that one. He/She must have an explanation for that. But I appreciate though your greetings. I'll be going to blog about it soon.

 The Video

The video comes next. They chose Mr.Right by A Rocket to the Moon as the background music of the video. Hey guys I'm going to tell you this one. I am already done with him. His only part of my history which is intended to be buried six feet below the ground. And he's not also the right guy for me. He could be an ideal one but then there are some things we have to weigh for and have a self examine if you could last with that someone and of course the family background also. I think we are too way different with each other. 

Regarding with the video, why did you chose that tagalog songs? It doesn't really fit with my type of personality. You know what are my likes. It would be definitely be a good choice for Norj. She loves that genre of music. Me? Its a big no! 

I would like to especially mention Aya and Annie, the Lago sisters. I think you were the one who created the video and also to the other Datlushers. To your messages, it doesn't really matter if it was too short or long. The important about it is, it came from your kind and honest hearts. Love lots! ♥

The Photo Memoirs

Datlusher Family

Individual Photos

This blog started with my picture and ends up with my picture. Smile was visible on my face during this time. A hundred of thank you's to those people who made me happy.

To my best friend who did much effort just to make it up for me. Thank you for the present and your presence during my day. Though, my 2011 birthday was full of regrets and disappointments  I know it was covered up already with that smile on my face. 

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