Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Outfit Dresses for Muslimah

I've got some cute outfit in OASAP that could be wore by a Muslimah. I've looked some long sleeves dresses. So, you would look more pious if paired with jeans or leggings and a veil. It's really hard to find long sleeve dresses in our location especially during different occasions. You must be presentable and wore outfit accordingly. I know there are lots of choices we can opt to pick but then what would you feel when you walk by and then saw someone with the same clothes like you wear. The situation is always been like that here in our place. The trendy outfit will be worn by everybody. And I really don't like to be one of them. I want to be unique in my own way without seeing someone with same clothes as mine.

The following are one of my likes.
Elegant Back Zipped Floral Print Dress. This dress has been crafted in dacron and spandex, featuring a round neck with floral print, zipped closure to back with pleated detail to waist, puff sleeve style, in short length cut.

Puff Sleeve Floral Print Single Breasted Dress. This dress has been crafted in 42% dacron, 50% cotton and 8% spandex, featuring a standing collar with floral print, single breasted detail with puff sleeves, in short length cut.

Ethnic Print Sleeveless Bound Waist Long Dress Dress crafted in cotton, featuring round neck, sleeveless styling, bound waist, ethnic print to main, in calf length cut. This dress must be paired with a cardigan since its sleeveless.

Chain Print Halterneck Ankle Length Dress. Dress made of terylene, featuring halterneck styling, chain print to main, high waist, in ankle length cut. A blue or white cardigan can be paired up with this dress.

Elegant Single-breasted Long Sleeve Dress. The dress is crafted in cotton, featuring long single-breasted closure, round neckline, long sleeves, medium fitted waistline, flouncing skirt design and long length cut. Since its a round neckline, preferably you have to wear a big black or orange rectangle hijab and paired it with jeans or any lower clothing you want it to be paired.

SOURCE OF IMAGES: Credits to http://www.oasap.com/

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