Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Solo in the City

I took this picture before going out and used it as my Facebook cover.

Hi! I just went out alone in the city to pay our internet bill at PLDT and I've decided to roam around the nearby buildings I could go which is just a walking distance. It was almost quarter to 12:00 and I feel hungry so I settled it by dropping by at Jollibee in Aguinaldo branch. Its hard to eat alone in a crowded place. I ate as fast as I could so I can feel that awkward feeling momentarily.

Then, I bought some stationary and other office supplies that I could use as a replacement for a planner. I was trying to buy a planner for our thesis schedule online but I think it would be more expensive. These were the things I've got in Crown Stationary. It costs  just a hundred so it was not too heavy in my pocket. I hope we could use these stuffs.

1. Memo Cubes

I will use this one instead of the planner I decided yesterday to buy. I was fascinated with its different colors. It consists of red, pink, blue, green, orange and yellow memo notes. The paper is thick enough. It then would not be easily teared or crumpled. Its a high quality paper also because its from Advance Corporation which is noted of distributing superior quality of paper. One box consists of 480 sheets. You will not be run out of the memo notes for a year perhaps. By the way, its not a sticky note.

2. Paper Clips

Since the memo notes I bought is not intended for sticking purposes. I grabbed some clips also to use it in compiling the notes I'll be recording. I prefer the small ones because its so cute.

3. Ordinary Ballpen

I've got three ordinary varied colored ballpen. I opt to pick out ordinary Uni ballpen because I find it clean when I used it in writing. Its cheap also and I'm learnign to thrift for now because I'll be spending much with our thesis preparation.

And this is all I've acquired in Crown Paper Stationary. Its value is less than a hundred. Learn to be thrifty. That's what I've learned for this day but then I spent to much in terms of food. Its an exception though. XD

That's all for now. I'll be organizing what should be done and prepared for our second trip in Marawi. BTW, I wasn't able to post about my first step on Marawi City. The weather was not cooperative at that time. So, together with my co-thesis mate we were not able to captured some pictures. I have but few only. I'll blog it sooner.

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