Thursday, November 22, 2012

Last Monday which is November 19, I bought my new mobile phone at Flashcom situated in Gaisano Mall of Iligan City. Having a phone is not a big deal for me actually unlike others because myself is much aquianted with the use of internet than to have a cellphone. But there are times I would think of having it because some of my friends can't contact me. I was planning to buy a cheaper phone but then  because of my very generous dad and sister, I was able to buy a least expensive phone from Samsung. 

When I already firmly decided that I would buy a phone, I watched videos from youtube about some of the reviews of selected Samsung mobile phone. I was planning to buy Samsung 355 because of its Wifi feature but unfortunately there were no more stock available in Ilicomm. 

We shifted to another store which is Flashcom and the sales lady introduce us the new Samsung 357 which is similar to Samsung 355. So, that's what I bought because of its 2.0 megapixel camera and it is a Wi-fi phone. I didn't buy a touch screen phone because I am not comfortable using it. This phone is also known as Samsung Chat S3570. 

Features of Samsung Chat 357

Inside the Box. I love qwerty keypad phones.

The Back Cover.

The White Headset. Glad its color white but after how many months of use I am surely confident that this will become dirty white. But what I loved about this accessories is that you can use it for a longer time. It will noy give pain on your ear because of its unique shape.   

The back light of the phone is color orange. I had no choice its the ONLY color. I don't know whats the back light color of the white one.

The Samsung Chat 357 and Accessories which includes the charger and the headset.

During this time, I was with Haffy and Daina. They helped me out to choose what phone should I buy and will greatly wouldn't make me regret for buying this in the future.

Ugly Face. This is the first shot of my Samsung 357 mobile phone.

I had my own research of the features and specifications of Samsung Chat 357. 

The Samsung Chat 357 weighs about 96 grams and it is 11.5 mm thick. The phone has a 2.4-inch display screen and it has resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The QWERTY keypad present in the phone helps in easy typing of text messages.

The 2 MP camera loaded in the phone is capable of clicking images and videos. The camera is supported by additional features for enhancing the image quality. The 1000 mAh battery in the phone offers up to 11.6 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time. The phone memory can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSD card.

The Samsung Chat 357 comes with media players that are capable of playing multimedia files of different formats.GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi are available for internet connection. Bluetooth and micro USB port are available for file transfer with other devices. 
Good Morning!!! I just woke up actually after resting for a little while. I was really damn tired from our long long journey from Marawi City. We already started gathering data for our thesis and we had got 80 respondents which is not good. We have to have at least 150 students which means we need to get back to that place. The chaos that we always met during going there is the expenses. Its hard to travel from time to time and we are lucky enough to have a class from Wednesdays up to Fridays only at 6:00-9:00 pm. I think we had changed our schedule but I can't really remember when. Nevermind that one.

Anyways, when did we made this crazy experimental cooking? We acted like a frustrated cooks. Ahhh.. okay! I remember it already  I really thought of it for seconds. I swear. I easily forget things lately or shall we say always. So, I was saying we had changed our schedule during the day we made this experimental food in the morning by meeting up our adviser Ma'am CaƱedo. After all the necessary things we had to talk about practice teaching, I shared Daina about the homemade bread pizza my pakner and I did last time. She wanted to taste and try it so we bought some grocery items we needed in the mall and proceed to Pakner's house.

This homemade bread pizza is named after my best friend because she's the one who started this craziness. This is called "Pizza ni Pida". These were the grocery items we bought.

The total expenses cost only Php 144.25

Are these all the ingredients? The bread is missing? Who stole it?

Oh! Oh! Daina is caught in the act. She's running away the bread! PEACE!!!

Guys, I really can't share the procedure on how to make this one because of confidentiality and Haffy is claiming it as her own recipe. I was laughing out loud after hearing it from her mouth. She feels like that we made a great pizza which could break a record. This was maybe the first bread pizza I had seen and eaten. Anyways, the picturesque says the chronological order of the steps. Hahahaha!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I was really bored this time and counting left hours until its Monday. In case you don't know, I am excited to be back in school. So something popped up into my mind to do. Yeah! I know that I am a singer, a frustrated singer to be exact. Please excuse this post guys. I just had fun making fun of my froggy-like voice. Its not my fault posting these videos and if you're asking me who to be blame with then its BOREDOM. 

I sang some of my favorite song but definitely I screwed it up. Im so sorry guys! XD. Sorry for the poor audio as well as the froggy-froggy voice! I feel like I am kinda tipsy and groggy that time. But I'm not actually drunk. Wohoooo!!! screaming at the top of my lungs... And you can hear my niece and nephew in some of the audio backgrounds of the videos making some noise. They were so mean at me.

1. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE by Boys Like Girls

2. SAFE AND SOUND by Taylor Swift


4. NEED YOU NOW by Lady Antebellum

5. WHEN I LOOK AT YOU by Miley Cyrus

6. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1. All students must wear the prescribed uniform and school ID at all times.

2. When the teacher is talking, students should be listening and not talking or getting out of their seats. If you have a question or comment that you would like to share, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3. When announcements are being made in the class, students must remain quiet.

4. Cheating on tests, quizzes, homework, class work, programs, etc. will not be tolerated. This will result in a zero for both parties involved.

5. You cannot listen to music or use your headphones during class.

6. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times. Show respect both to your teacher and fellow classmates. Profanity will not be tolerated.

7. Students should not be impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs while on campus.

8. No gum cracking, food eating or drinking in the classroom.

9. No hats or caps are to be worn in the classroom. This applies to both males and females.

10. Assignments missed due to a class cut (illegal absence) cannot be made up. A zero (0) grade will be recorded for the assignment and averaged with the other recorded grades.

11. Punctuality and regularity of attendance are required in all classes.

12. Exercise self-control. Avoid going to the comfort room while in the middle of a class.

13. Sit properly in your seat in a healthy way. Do not raise feet toward others.

14. Avoid making noise, chatting with your seatmates, yelling etc. during the class unless given by permission.

15. In whatever you do, always remember to make yourself, your parents, the school, and your teachers proud of you.

The listed rules and regulations above were gathered from different internet sites. Some of those are not my words. I chose among of what I had researched which is suitable in our country's classroom setting especially in a public school. This is our first assignment actually in Practice Teaching course. We have to make rules and regulations we want to implement in our school/classroom. I guess these are just some of few of the common observable rules and regulations. We will share this to the whole class and we will combine all our ideas and suggestions to create a concrete one that we will use.

Hi! This day was really a tiring one. My bed is calling me already. I went home at 5:00 pm from Marawi City again after conducting our final data gathering procedures in Amai Pakpak Central Elementary School popularly known as APCES. It was a no-sweat-at-all work because the students there were intelligent enough to understand the questionnaires we gave to them. It took us an hour only in guiding them in answering the 44 items questionnaire. But the journey going to Marawi City is the one which is very tiring and made me weary and a big exhausted until now.

Anyways, I want to post here what we had discussed during our first meeting in Practice Teaching subject. Our teachers lent us the requirements needed in the course. One of it is the "Portfolio Entries for Practice Teachers". I have to post it here in case I lost my copy. At least I have a back up file for this. 

Portfolio Entries for Teachers
1. Table of Contents
2. Prayer of a Student Teacher/Credo
3. Personal Education Philosophy
4. Resume
5. A Brief Description of the Site of Practice Teaching
6. Example of lesson Plans - Detailed, Semi-Detailed, Brief *
7. Evidences of Community Outreach *
8. Observation and Evaluation Forms *
9. Best Lesson Plan using Creative Strategy with Complete Set of Materials *
10. Example of Learners' Work and Feedback *
11. Title and Brief Synopsis of Professional Readings and References *
12. Professional Development Plan/ Career Plan

*Needs a Reflection Paper

I need not to sleep to watch over our house because we are making some a little renovations on it. I'm having an overnight together with my dad and bro! Good night peeps!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm getting fat everyday! 

This was the afternoon moment when we came back from Marawi City. Oh! Lately I was always mentioning this city. Im kinda tired and irritated hearing it all over again. Can I go and visit another neighboring city of Iligan which is worth it to visit? Cagayan perhaps could be the one of the choice because I want to shop at the newly opened Centrio Mall. 

During this afternoon, we were so bored and and weary after that trip so we planned to dounusual things that we are not actually doing. We are future educators and we played the doctor's paraphernalia. The stethoscope which is used for listening the actions of someone's heart or breathing and the blood pressure reader. I don't know the medical term for that medical instrument. We can be a future educators and also doctors. 

We ended up doing these because Daina was catching her breath. We really don't know why so Haffy borrowed her sisters medical equipment to listen clearly with Daina's heartbeat. 

A quirky charm perhaps. Whattta big eyes!

OH? Why is it Daina looks mad at you Haffy? You're bullying her again?

Daina is listening to Haffy's heartbeat. Don't mind seeing the tummy of Daina. PEACE!!!

Its my time. Pakner Haffy is listening to my heartbeat and it was so fast according to her. My tummy is so full. I was eating all the way from Marawi up to Iligan and even when we arrived at Tubod I kept on eating. It was my escape in order for me not to feel dizzy during the trip. But the worst effect of that is I will puke what I had eaten afterwards.

Pouty Lips. Heartbeat Louder

Zzzzzzzzzz. A fly is approaching. Attention please zip your mouth!!!

Tugs. Tugs. Tugs. Tugs (Is that the sound of the heart beating? I don't think so.)

Pakner's time. How I wish the stethoscope could be use as an headset. Just Kidding. It would be painful to the ears for a long time use.

The two are both enjoying the moment together maneuvering the stethoscope. I just want them both to have a bonding moment because I knew this two idiot friends of mine are still experiencing awkwardness towards each other. But I guess Pakner had already overcome that one and hoping that it would be mutual soon. These two persons happened to be the best of the best friends I ever encounter in my life. Daina and I had known each other for a long time since we were schoolmates both in Arabic classes and in school. And I met also my bestfriend Pakner in college already. But despite of that short time, we are good vibes and eventually ended up best friends. 

Hey Doc? Do I have a high blood pressure??

Pakner's reading says that I am anemic. I don't know if there was an error in her reading but somehow   I agree with it because when I was in second year high school our school nurse reading is same with Pakner. And I also get dizzy easily.

WARNING! A virus has been detected! All of the following pictures you may see below is a result of boredness and  tiresomeness. 

My photography skills is so poor. I guess I need to learn a lot of basics about it. But atleast I am enjoying doing this craft. I'd really wish to have my own DSLR but I still have no budget for this expensive wants. I prioritize my needs first. 

A silhouette of shot of Haffy while facing the laptop. Silhouette is actually a dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, esp. in dim light.

The Hanger.

By the way in case your are curious on how I edit this pictures, I used Photoshop actions. It was very easy to use especially for beginners. What I used in this picture is a summer vintage action. you can have it in deviant art. They have hundreds of Photoshop actions you can choose to edit your photos without altering its resolution or quality. But this will actually make your photo a large size file so it will take you more time in uploading. But then again it will enhance your photographed image. And that's what Photoshop offers. 

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