Thursday, November 22, 2012

Homemade Bread Pizza

Good Morning!!! I just woke up actually after resting for a little while. I was really damn tired from our long long journey from Marawi City. We already started gathering data for our thesis and we had got 80 respondents which is not good. We have to have at least 150 students which means we need to get back to that place. The chaos that we always met during going there is the expenses. Its hard to travel from time to time and we are lucky enough to have a class from Wednesdays up to Fridays only at 6:00-9:00 pm. I think we had changed our schedule but I can't really remember when. Nevermind that one.

Anyways, when did we made this crazy experimental cooking? We acted like a frustrated cooks. Ahhh.. okay! I remember it already  I really thought of it for seconds. I swear. I easily forget things lately or shall we say always. So, I was saying we had changed our schedule during the day we made this experimental food in the morning by meeting up our adviser Ma'am CaƱedo. After all the necessary things we had to talk about practice teaching, I shared Daina about the homemade bread pizza my pakner and I did last time. She wanted to taste and try it so we bought some grocery items we needed in the mall and proceed to Pakner's house.

This homemade bread pizza is named after my best friend because she's the one who started this craziness. This is called "Pizza ni Pida". These were the grocery items we bought.

The total expenses cost only Php 144.25

Are these all the ingredients? The bread is missing? Who stole it?

Oh! Oh! Daina is caught in the act. She's running away the bread! PEACE!!!

Guys, I really can't share the procedure on how to make this one because of confidentiality and Haffy is claiming it as her own recipe. I was laughing out loud after hearing it from her mouth. She feels like that we made a great pizza which could break a record. This was maybe the first bread pizza I had seen and eaten. Anyways, the picturesque says the chronological order of the steps. Hahahaha!


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