Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Practice Teaching: Rules and Regulations

1. All students must wear the prescribed uniform and school ID at all times.

2. When the teacher is talking, students should be listening and not talking or getting out of their seats. If you have a question or comment that you would like to share, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3. When announcements are being made in the class, students must remain quiet.

4. Cheating on tests, quizzes, homework, class work, programs, etc. will not be tolerated. This will result in a zero for both parties involved.

5. You cannot listen to music or use your headphones during class.

6. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times. Show respect both to your teacher and fellow classmates. Profanity will not be tolerated.

7. Students should not be impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs while on campus.

8. No gum cracking, food eating or drinking in the classroom.

9. No hats or caps are to be worn in the classroom. This applies to both males and females.

10. Assignments missed due to a class cut (illegal absence) cannot be made up. A zero (0) grade will be recorded for the assignment and averaged with the other recorded grades.

11. Punctuality and regularity of attendance are required in all classes.

12. Exercise self-control. Avoid going to the comfort room while in the middle of a class.

13. Sit properly in your seat in a healthy way. Do not raise feet toward others.

14. Avoid making noise, chatting with your seatmates, yelling etc. during the class unless given by permission.

15. In whatever you do, always remember to make yourself, your parents, the school, and your teachers proud of you.

The listed rules and regulations above were gathered from different internet sites. Some of those are not my words. I chose among of what I had researched which is suitable in our country's classroom setting especially in a public school. This is our first assignment actually in Practice Teaching course. We have to make rules and regulations we want to implement in our school/classroom. I guess these are just some of few of the common observable rules and regulations. We will share this to the whole class and we will combine all our ideas and suggestions to create a concrete one that we will use.

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