Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Practice Teaching Starts Here

Hi! This day was really a tiring one. My bed is calling me already. I went home at 5:00 pm from Marawi City again after conducting our final data gathering procedures in Amai Pakpak Central Elementary School popularly known as APCES. It was a no-sweat-at-all work because the students there were intelligent enough to understand the questionnaires we gave to them. It took us an hour only in guiding them in answering the 44 items questionnaire. But the journey going to Marawi City is the one which is very tiring and made me weary and a big exhausted until now.

Anyways, I want to post here what we had discussed during our first meeting in Practice Teaching subject. Our teachers lent us the requirements needed in the course. One of it is the "Portfolio Entries for Practice Teachers". I have to post it here in case I lost my copy. At least I have a back up file for this. 

Portfolio Entries for Teachers
1. Table of Contents
2. Prayer of a Student Teacher/Credo
3. Personal Education Philosophy
4. Resume
5. A Brief Description of the Site of Practice Teaching
6. Example of lesson Plans - Detailed, Semi-Detailed, Brief *
7. Evidences of Community Outreach *
8. Observation and Evaluation Forms *
9. Best Lesson Plan using Creative Strategy with Complete Set of Materials *
10. Example of Learners' Work and Feedback *
11. Title and Brief Synopsis of Professional Readings and References *
12. Professional Development Plan/ Career Plan

*Needs a Reflection Paper

I need not to sleep to watch over our house because we are making some a little renovations on it. I'm having an overnight together with my dad and bro! Good night peeps!!!

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