Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quack Doctors

I'm getting fat everyday! 

This was the afternoon moment when we came back from Marawi City. Oh! Lately I was always mentioning this city. Im kinda tired and irritated hearing it all over again. Can I go and visit another neighboring city of Iligan which is worth it to visit? Cagayan perhaps could be the one of the choice because I want to shop at the newly opened Centrio Mall. 

During this afternoon, we were so bored and and weary after that trip so we planned to dounusual things that we are not actually doing. We are future educators and we played the doctor's paraphernalia. The stethoscope which is used for listening the actions of someone's heart or breathing and the blood pressure reader. I don't know the medical term for that medical instrument. We can be a future educators and also doctors. 

We ended up doing these because Daina was catching her breath. We really don't know why so Haffy borrowed her sisters medical equipment to listen clearly with Daina's heartbeat. 

A quirky charm perhaps. Whattta big eyes!

OH? Why is it Daina looks mad at you Haffy? You're bullying her again?

Daina is listening to Haffy's heartbeat. Don't mind seeing the tummy of Daina. PEACE!!!

Its my time. Pakner Haffy is listening to my heartbeat and it was so fast according to her. My tummy is so full. I was eating all the way from Marawi up to Iligan and even when we arrived at Tubod I kept on eating. It was my escape in order for me not to feel dizzy during the trip. But the worst effect of that is I will puke what I had eaten afterwards.

Pouty Lips. Heartbeat Louder

Zzzzzzzzzz. A fly is approaching. Attention please zip your mouth!!!

Tugs. Tugs. Tugs. Tugs (Is that the sound of the heart beating? I don't think so.)

Pakner's time. How I wish the stethoscope could be use as an headset. Just Kidding. It would be painful to the ears for a long time use.

The two are both enjoying the moment together maneuvering the stethoscope. I just want them both to have a bonding moment because I knew this two idiot friends of mine are still experiencing awkwardness towards each other. But I guess Pakner had already overcome that one and hoping that it would be mutual soon. These two persons happened to be the best of the best friends I ever encounter in my life. Daina and I had known each other for a long time since we were schoolmates both in Arabic classes and in school. And I met also my bestfriend Pakner in college already. But despite of that short time, we are good vibes and eventually ended up best friends. 

Hey Doc? Do I have a high blood pressure??

Pakner's reading says that I am anemic. I don't know if there was an error in her reading but somehow   I agree with it because when I was in second year high school our school nurse reading is same with Pakner. And I also get dizzy easily.

WARNING! A virus has been detected! All of the following pictures you may see below is a result of boredness and  tiresomeness. 

My photography skills is so poor. I guess I need to learn a lot of basics about it. But atleast I am enjoying doing this craft. I'd really wish to have my own DSLR but I still have no budget for this expensive wants. I prioritize my needs first. 

A silhouette of shot of Haffy while facing the laptop. Silhouette is actually a dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, esp. in dim light.

The Hanger.

By the way in case your are curious on how I edit this pictures, I used Photoshop actions. It was very easy to use especially for beginners. What I used in this picture is a summer vintage action. you can have it in deviant art. They have hundreds of Photoshop actions you can choose to edit your photos without altering its resolution or quality. But this will actually make your photo a large size file so it will take you more time in uploading. But then again it will enhance your photographed image. And that's what Photoshop offers. 

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