Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second Trip in Marawi City

Hi! I guess I haven't posted this week. I have so many backlogs waiting in my buck list. Anyway, I had already blog about my first time visit in Marawi City formerly known as Dansalan. I am not visiting this city for some fun but I am going back over and over again in this place for thesis sake. Our subject of the study is grade three pupils from selected schools of the said city and this is our second time to be back together with my thesis mates, Haffy and Daina. 

Our main target for that day was to give the indorsement letter to the respective principals of the school. Unfortunately, we were able to meet only the principal of Angoyao Central Elementary School. We had already ask permission to the principal and she allowed as to conduct the study this coming Monday. We can get for at least 40 students in that school and another 50 in Datu Macaorao which will be settled by Haffy's Aunt, who happened to be a teacher of that school,  to ask permission to the principal in our behalves.

Oh crap!!! We are not yet ready for picture taking. can you please calm down Ms. Photgrapher.

Daina and I together with the hospitable principal of Angoyao Central Elementary School, Marawi City.

My Thesis Mates (Daina and Haffy) with the Principal. It seems my best friend (Haffy) became taller! Oh! I know what's your secret!

Inside the campus of Angoyao Central Elementary School.

Datu Macaorao Elemnatry School. 

Datu Macaorao was hardly to look for. This school is located in a secluded area with a 2-3 meter road. It is not even located near the highway. 

When we came back at Iligan we stayed up in the afternoon at Haffy's house to unwind and relax ourselves after a long trip. I really don't like to travel especially riding in an isolated car.

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