Saturday, November 3, 2012

Semestral Break Date Ends

Buenos Dias! Its always been my problem how to start my blog. I decided to begin it with a greeting from foreign language to make it more unusual and avoid redundancy. Lately, I was engulfed with giveaway blogging and forgot my blog challenge already. I know I failed regarding with it but I'll still pursue myself finishing it. I'll try to fix my schedule and avoid being so topsy turvy especially semestral breaks are almost over which means another bulk of school papers to do.

Our semestral break must be the longest holidays ever. Its almost three weeks not going to school. But ironically, I have done nothing for that period aside from facing the computer blogging, retweeting and sharing giveaways to win, downloading music from my fave bands and other musicians, reading in TOP and books I have, doing household chores, and most of all sleeping during daytime which made me so lazy to wake up early. I have to be back with the normal sleeping hours because school days will start this third day of next week. 

I have downloaded the three featured songs of Boys Like Girls and other popular songs this 2012. Boys Like Girls new album Crazy World New Ep featured songs are Life of the Party, The First Time and Be your Everything. The latter one is what caught my attention the most because of its cool brand new lyric video which consumed a lot of paper I guess. You'll know what I mean if you'll watch the video below. At first, I really didn't get what the song wants to blab because I was preoccupied thinking how did they made that lyric video. But when I started to truly put myself with the song, that's when I got what it meant. It's just one of those songs that are perfect for that kind of situation. The four letter word. L O V E.  Hahaha! Why do Boys like Girls songs always bull's eye my loveless life? That's the reason maybe why I am so fascinated with them plus add the voice of Martin J. That's what I called perfection. It will make my day complete listening to their songs.

This is the official lyric video of Be Your Everything By Boys Like Girls.

And I can't forget of course, Christina Grimmie, the youtube sensation which was popularly known for her version of Just A Dream by Nelly together with Sam Tsui which hits more than 55 million with my last check in youtube. I love her covers. She did a cover recently of Titanium and Some Nights by Fun and I have it now in my playlist. 

Titanium covered by Christina Grimmie

Some Nights by Fun covered by Christina Grimmie

BTW, this will be the last day of the break. So, I have to sleep early that's why I made this blog this morning. I have to come to school as early as possible. I'll be enrolling for the second semester and as always its not easy to enroll yourself especially in a state university like MSU-IIT which has a large population of students. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to finished all the requirements during enrollment period. The hardest part during it is the controlling of subject but I guess this time, it would be as easy as pie because I only have to get 2 subjects, my thesis and practice teaching. This time, we will be deployed to a public schools. I am looking forward for this new experience and I am ready to impart my knowledge with my future kiddos. The only possible trouble I could encounter tomorrow would be the long queue in paying the tuition fee in the cashier. But despite of that future problem, I'll be more excited because I'm longing to see my best friend and my other Datlusher family. See you soon guys!

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