Monday, December 30, 2013

Last December 21, we had our oath taking ceremony at Liceo de Cagayan University gym. It was the day of pledging my duties and responsibilities as a professional teacher. I was indeed lucky to pass the licensure examination with just one shot. The sacrifices I made during review time were really worthy at all after gaining a passing rate. I wasn't able to thank those people who were there to help and guide me to be able to pass the LET.

I thank my institution for providing me a quality education and to every IITian. Indeed, finishing a degree in IIT was not that easy but I am grateful that I was able to finish my course on time even though I am a shiftee. Studying at IIT was a big help to me because of the cheap tuition fee. Every student in Iligan City perhaps dreamed to be enrolled in our school but due to the admission test given, which is called SASE, not all were given the chance to get in. That’s why spending four years in IIT was such a great experience even though it was filled with ups and downs.

To my mentors, especially in the Department of Science and Mathematics Educators (DSME), thank you for imparting your knowledge and sharing with your experiences with us. I learned a lot from my different professors who were not only good in teaching us but they were so outgoing and unselfish to bond with their students. To Ma’am Joy, who was very considerate and generous of giving her love and care to her students. She was one of my favorite professor way back in college until now.

To my family, who were always there to support me financially. To my mom, who always finds a way to every problem I have to fight to. Thank you for your undying support mom, my success is for you.

To my SLRC (St. Louis Review Center) family, especially to Sir Ken, who always tried to motivate us every session to do our best. To the other lecturers also during our General Education and Professional Education reviews, thank you Ma’am and Sirs for refreshing our minds.

And more importantly, to Allah (swt), who gave me good health and peace of mind during my exam. Without your guidance, I’m not maybe one of those who attended this ceremony.

The Invitation

I don't know what do they called this building, I just take a shot of it while waiting for the long queue. 

I'm with my batch mates, (starting from left, Norj, Cindy, Julie, Haffy, Sittie, Me and Bridget), and I really look so big because of my outfit.

My selfie moments while waiting for some of our batch mates who were late. Thanks to the person who took this one. I really can't recognize who was it, sorry.

The Stage

The Crowd

With Ms. Jam, a host of Pamahaw Espesyal according to my classmate. I'm not really watching that morning show, so I was just clueless why did they wanted to take a picture with her. I just joined with them. 

My outfit, I was not prepared actually because of some problem came up. My mom was staying at the hospital attending my niece there.

I still managed to smile though I felt so dizzy during this time.

Everybody's happy to be called a licensed teacher 'coz of the visible smiles they have.

We passed through the crowd just too have a photo in the stage but it was still a messed! So disorganized!

I look really tall in the first photo and getting chubbier. I really need to lose weight.

Haffy and I had almost the same height during the event, she was wearing heels and I just wore a flats. Why do I always emphasize my height?! Oh! I'm sorry, I'm just proud to be tall. Peace yo!

I had a great time going to CDO with Haffy together with the newly wed, Haffy's brother and her sister-in-law. We stroll around SM Cagayan and ate our lunch together at KFC. Twas nice having a little chit conversation with her sister-in-law. She was friendly and welcoming. 

What I really hate in travelling is the tendency of me to get easily dizzy. I am not used to travel far places and I am a claustrophic person so I will always find it hard to breathe when I'm in a closed car. The smell of the air freshener also makes me more dizzy so I ended up having a hard time while going home. Head ache was giving me excruciating pain and it almost made me passed out before I went home. But that was okay, what matters most was I had fun.

We'll be going back again to PRC this coming January 9 to register and process our licensed ID. Yay! I'm excited about it actually. See yah!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I made some banner or whatever-do-you-called-this-one for the two people who are quite close to me. They were one of the unexpected person that I didn't even think of being friends and even closer to them. I am so glad that I have you guys. I hope you did enjoy your great day! 

 Ms. Christine Melody Maramara

I would like to ask you a favor to please help me find this long lost friend of mine. It's her birthday today and she didn't show up to me. I don't know why! Hahaha! If ever you find her, please contact any government agency that will adopt her. Hahaha! 

Anyway, I don't know really how come we are friends. I just woke up one day and we became one. But I'm glad I have a crazy nut friend like you! We're just the same! Hahaha! Happy birthday to you "shet miming"! You love that expression. I know what's your wish for your birthday but I'm sorry I can't afford it. If want to become slim, do the job! Jog once in a while! Hahaha! 

I made you gorgeous in this edited photo! Thanks to me! Hahaha! Have a great day! Enjoy!

Ms. Kwen Odin

I never knew that through Facebook, I could meet great and awesome friends. Though we haven't seen each other personally, I am lucky I met you virtually. Thanks for giving me the chance to be one of your sisters Kwen.

Anyway, though I don't knew her so well, I could just share with you guys how she treated me and her customers/online shopper. She was so generous giving freebies and luckily I won twice already. I didn't expect to win actually on the first one because I was just following her because she had great fashion finds in her online shop and I haven't tried buying one. And that's how it started. We became a little bit close (self-proclaiming).

Happy Birthday to you Kwen. I hope you will continue to share what you have and stay always humble as you are now. You're one of the generous person I've met in FB. Stay always pretty! I hope you have a great day today. I wish you good health and of course the success of your online shop. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh!Who would forget the remarkable storm surge that made all Filipinos so down and hopeless this 2013?Typhoon Yolanda was one of the most disastrous storm surge ever passed in our country that I witnessed in my 20 years of existence. The Visayas region was greatly devastated because of its strong winds and heavy rain. The people didn't expect how the typhoon's effect would be. After seeing those different videos and pictures in social networking sites, my heart was reap into pieces. They were so pitiful. I couldn't even stay focus watching a photo for a second because it was so heartbreaking. 

During this time, Filipinos willingness to help was pouring out. Different parts of the region handed their donations in money and in kind. It showed how we unite in times of calamities. Our neighboring countries also sent their help. But what disgust me the most are the "epal" politicians. I don't want to nag here. >.<

Anyway, this song actually was composed by Migz Haleco, a student in CSB, as a tribute to those victims of Yolanda. The message of the song was very much uplifting. Let us all help the victims move on slowly with what they have gone through. 

      (C) Mara Patricia Franchette Gaerlan

This is the lyric video I made for the song We'll Keep Moving by Migz Haleco. Please watch it in HD for better resolution. :)

We'll Keep Moving
by: Migz Haleco

I, I found my place in tragedy
it breaks my heart as I would see
why? I asked myself subconsciously
and prayed to God to help those in need

Time to time, we'll make it through
step by step, we'll learn something new
just pray to God, he'll be guiding us
we'll all fight this through

We'll keep movin
we won't fall apart
just keep pushing
none will stand alone
keep movin
we won't give it up
just keep fightin' 
we're all in this together now

God, please stay with us we all believe
we give our hands and life to you
life is a trial with endless defeats
we win or lose, we have nothing to fear

Time to time, we'll make it through
step by step, we'll learn something new
just pray to God, he'll be guiding us
we'll all fight this through

We'll keep movin
we won't fall apart 
just keep pushing
none will stand alone
keep movin
we won't give it up
just keep fightin
we're all in this now

Keep your feet together
there's more to life
give yourself, stand up and fight
Keep yourself, together
there's no looking back
give yourself, you're not alone

Keep movin
we won't fall apart
just keep pushing
none will stand alone

Keep movin
we won't fall apart
just keep pushing

none will stand alone
keep movin
we won't give it up
just keep fightin
we're all in this together now

we're all in this together now
we're all in this together now
we're all in this together now


Filipinos don't give up easily! Let us greet 2014 with joy and laughter though 2013 was such a roller coaster year for us. Typhoons made us so down but different gorgeous Filipina made us proud in garnering different titles in international pageants. Bangon Pilipinas :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last November, twas the 4th mid-year graduation ceremony of MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology. Yes! You read it right! We have mid-year graduation at the end of the 1st semester. I think not all colleges and state universities in Iligan City have this kind of policy but it's an advantage to those students who were left behind. But it's just too different graduating during the month of March or April for us. Anyway, what's important is that you have finished a degree and you make your parents proud of what you have achieved. Let us not think those negative sides but instead spread all the good vibes in the world. :) 

I attended this eventful ceremony together with my friends to let our other close friends feel (May-may and Dada) our presence and full support on their special and waited day. This blog post really is already spoiled since it’s already December. But anyway, I would congratulate you again guys, my BEED-Science and Heath classmates and friends, who were there in the gym last 14th day of November. Though we didn't march all together at the same time, I hope you did enjoyed your momentous day, your graduation day. 

The pictures below were taken by me or Haffy. We used her Canon DSLR in taking the photos. I enhanced and made some color manipulations on some of the photos. Some photos were not posted here. I just chose the good ones. If you want to have a copy, if you’re one of my friend, feel free to PM me in my Facebook account or in my email. Sorry for the watermark guys. 

Iligan Institute of Technology
Mindanao State University 

THEME: Greater Heights Through Internalization
November 14, 2013

See how gorgeous my friends are. Dada, the one wearing an orange hijab and that girl with a perfect smile and tantalizing eyes, that's Maymay. 

Everyone has its own business whilst the program is on-going. Hahaha!

The MSU-IIT Mid-Year Graduates

Sam Bongcac standing in front, leading the graduation song.

These were our selfie moments with the graduates. Sorry for the scruffy faces. We were so disoriented because the gym was too crowded during that time. And the photos were so disorganized. Ohh! 

And the best part of this day? Ohh! We were invited at Maymay's house for the celebration and guys don't forget the food. Twas superb! I went home so full. Thanks May for inviting us. :)

The Thesis Buddies!

The Lago Sisters

Babi Layne and Maymay!

Why am I in the middle? The height effect. :)

After visiting Maymay's place in Tubod, our next itinerary that time was in Tambacan to visit Dada. :)

Congratulations Graduates. Go beyond borders! Be ready and prepared to face the world and always remember, you are armed with the knowledge from IIT. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Though failures flipped me a hundred times, I still managed to wear my genuine smile. Life could be so unfair but we have to deal with it to live and survive.

I wrote this one when I was in my second year in college to comply for a requirement in one of our subject. I really don't know why did my body hormones produced emotional ones. I didn't intend to write like this especially I am so not in touched with my father. We really are not close. I mean sometimes I disrespect him and don't even follow what he tells me to do so. He was just tpo kind and his patience could be like infinity. I am sorry. Yes! I really am sorry for disobeying him sometimes. I have reasons but I know its not excused. So yeah! The writing I am going to share with you will not only talk about my family but also about me different failures. 

Every one experiences failures and downs. It is inevitable and unpredictable. We really don't know when those tragedies might come and how depth would be its effect on us. But for as long us we have faith in Him (Allah), I know those trials are just like the smoke a fire produced. You might get choke and cough inhaling it but with just a blow of air, that smoke will disappear. Things happen for a reason and it might be good or bad but let us try to absorb fully what the reason behind it. 

So here it goes,

Raqisah L. Alimona

“It’s like you can change up, right, you can say your somebody new, and you can give yourself a whole new story. But, what came first is who you really are and what happened before is what really happened. It doesn’t matter that some fool say you are different because the things that make you different is what you really do, what u really go through.” – D. Barksdale

“Upside down” is one of a longish list of English expressions that refer to things being inverted or in disorder – “topsy-turvy”, “head over heels” as I read in a particular site. “Upside down” can be easily related to our life. Every second, minute, hour that we breathe in the world reflects different changes. Everything around us is changing.   Our life is dynamic. Life also is the creative edge of reality which we can’t easily accept. We can’t predict what and how our life will be in the future. We can’t easily say that if we are on the top today we are still there until the end. Sometimes God need to let us go down in order to learn something in life. Knowledge about life that will make us stronger and will let us be hard enough to face every challenges in life. But what is great about living is the joy it gives to each one of us that we should keep.
On the 3Oth day of September, 1992, a naughty child was born. Everybody was very happy. They were excited to see this baby grow and fulfill all her dreams in life. I am this baby. As I grow older, I have learned so many things in my 18 years of existence. Life is full of happiness. Achievements in school could bring joy to our parents not only to ourselves. The most memorable thing in my life that I can’t forget was the first time I received an award in school. My mom told me that she was very proud to go to the stage together with me receiving the medal. As my journey in learning continues, different opportunities came. I was dreaming before to study at MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School but unfortunately I was not able to pass the exam. I told myself that as I strive to achieve my dreams, I can count on there being some setbacks and disappointments. I should not be discourage if I didn’t passed there because the road to my dreams may not be an easy one and these challenges are just a test of persistence and courage that life throws at me.  I’ve decided to take the Special Science Curriculum Program in Iligan City National High School and I passed. I became a scholar for four years in high school granted by the Rotary Club of Iligan South. I was very lucky to receive money from them every year. At college level, I chose Accountancy as my first course but in the second year my parents discourage me to continue because it will take five years to take up this course and obviously it is very difficult. They convinced me to take Education and as I child of my parents, I followed their decision. And I considered it again another failure.  I was not able to get what I want. I know that we should set goals and make plan to achieve what we want. But how can we do it if we were forced to take it. It is like the saying, “a goal that is never written down is nothing but a New Year’s Resolution” – and we all know what happens to New Year’s Resolution. How many of us had parents who have – in not-so-subtle-ways – influenced us to take careers that were not in-line with our dreams? Be honest now, did you pick your current career because you’re passionate about the work or were you trying to make your parents proud? Honestly I don’t like my course before and I really hate education. And I can say that life sometimes brings you to places that you’ve never imagined or you don’t like. But, I am now learning to love where I am. I already accepted whole-heartedly the passion of teaching. I know that someday I will become a good and competent teacher that will make every child knowledgeable. Our minds sometimes change due to some influences and encouragement that people surrounds you let you realize it. 
Friendship makes our life colorful. The presence of our loved ones especially our friends make a very significant part in our life even you shared very simple things because these can be extraordinary. When you think of the times where you laughed the most or had the most fun – it was when you were doing simple things.
The greatest pain I have was the failure of my dad. He ran as a councilor in our municipality. It was his last term when he failed to win the election. Frankly speaking, election in Muslim area is through money. I admit that my father did that thing. And when he was lost in the election, we have so many problems, financially. We were so down at that time. I was hurt because I knew what my father felt that time. Having failures in life could make your world flipped upside down. I don’t know if D. Barksdale is a popular person but he said that, “It’s like you can change up, right, you can say your somebody new, and you can give yourself a whole new story. But, what came first is who you really are and what happened before is what really happened. It doesn’t matter that some fool say you are different because the things that make you different is what you really do, what u really go through.” I remembered my father when I read this. My father didn’t give up on his political career. He didn’t care if people will say that “he lost in last election and now he will run again?” He still continued to run as a councilor for the second time starting a new term. And now he was able to complete his 3 terms in councilor and I know that my father was able to finish it because he was a good leader. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi! These thoughts suddenly pop up in my mind a while ago and I was able to write a lengthy status in my Facebook account. I just wanted to share it with you guys and every Maranao woman here. Harsh comments are not allowed please. These are just plainly my own point of view and if ever you are bull's eyed with the situation then I tell you, you are not the only one. So, don't panic and make violent reaction with my post.

Black is more powerful than any color. 

DEMURENESS? Nah, can't see anyone who have the trait of behaving with reserve and decorum as what the definition says. Even me is one of those "anyone". Let just try to behave the way we should be. Let us remember that though, changing is there, that's not mean that we should go with the flow. We had some discussion in one of our subject regarding Maranao culture about having a relationship. We are not allowed to have an intimate relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend) with the opposite sex unless you are married. But what we have observe nowadays, rampant display of affection in public places. I'm just gonna ask you this guys, "aren't you afraid if your parents/relatives will caught you?" I admit I had one but just plain text. (I'm brave enough to admit! Hahaha!) But that was ages ago and I repent and ask forgiveness for what I had done. Some are even too loud and proud in posting statuses giving us clues that they hang out and meet with their partner and all of those things that the couple usually do. Anyway, I am not posting these to nag you or what, I'm just saying my point that we should behave with what our culture and religion and not what the society dictates. If you see someone having an affair then don't mind them. It's still up to them to continue those things. Let their conscience kill them. (I'm being harsh now. Hahaha!) If you have one then please don't expose it too much! Just keep it so that people around you will not make gossips at you and more importantly, if you want to be respected, then do the right thing especially us girls. Reserve that feeling of being in love in your wedding day! Hahahaha! (Don't mind my grammatical errors!) 

PS: What did I eat? Why my thoughts were like this!? Someone explain this to me!

Anyway, what kept me busy this past few weeks or months I think is that I am studying again. I am enrolled in a M.A. degree this second semester of school year together with some of my closest friends (Haffy, Daina, Nurj, Carolyne and Bridget). Same faces again! Anyway I think I'll post again for the updates and during the enrollment. 

I am with Daina and bestfriend Haffy here. I'm not wearing my hijab this time. I'm sorry. :(

Another work done for tonight, a powerpoint presentation for my bestfriend. That's how thoughtful, kind and helpful I am. Those different theories way back college days were inevitable. 'til now we are again studying it. Isn't it too way boring reading and refreshing back again those ideas and principles by different psychologists, philosophers and the likes? It's not bad at all. Good luck Ms.Reporter for tomorrow and good night people of the Philippines.

I made one also for my older sister. 

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