Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog Giveaway : Swirls and Scribbles | Orange Slice

Hi bloggers! I am starting now to join new giveaways since I don't have any upcoming parcel from my winning giveaways. But just this day I received a message from Kai Darul of which says that I won in her giveaway. I am really lucky. I'll blog about it as soon as I receive it. We are just going to meet up at school next week. I actually won accessories from her. I am recommending everyone to visit and follow her informative blog.

Anyway, I decided to start joining giveaways and be back to my favorite hobby since I am done with all the school requirements in fact I am graduating this April 2013. Yeheeey! *confetti* 

Swirls and Scribbles is having a giveaway collaboration with Orange Slice. They are throwing one purple bag for Philippine residents only. I just joined. Try also your luck! That's all.

If you are interested just click the link below and fill in the rafflecopter! Good luck!

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