Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soar Into the Sun

Hi! These days are really boring which make me also unproductive. I used to always have messy days with hectic schedules clinging on me. That’s the real life of a soon-to-be-graduating college student. Yeah! It was not that easy to survive in college especially in MSU-IIT. I’m not heading my head up high but it is really tough. I am proud of myself that I will be graduating this April at this prestigious school. 

Actually to kill time and boredom this holy week, I watched some movies. While scrolling my mouse in movie2k to lookout for movies, I had a stopover glance with this movie Soar Into the Sun. At first, I never thought it was a Korean movie. I didn’t even read through the short synopsis written above the video. I just sit down and watched. The movie poster was too small for me to glimpse clearly on the protagonist of the movie. 

As I watch alone, I’ve realized that it was Rain who leads the role and Sin Se-kyeong of Fashion King, a Korean series with a tragic ending. Don’t dare watch it cause you’ll just get disappointed in the end. Back to Soar Into the Sun, it was actually more on aircraft thingy which girls would not like to watch. I find the movie boring in the first actually. But this time, after watching it, I highly recommend everybody to watch it. You’ll enjoy the show for sure. 

I suck in writing my own synopsis of the movie so I decided to look for in the internet and have it for you to read. This will give you a short review on what the movie is all about. The movie actually is about the life of a soldier on how he value his friends, family and loved ones but more particularly on how soldiers value the life of every soldier in their force. 

An attempt at a dangerous zero-knot maneuver during an air show by ROK Black Eagle Special Squad pilot Tae-hun (RAIN a.k.a. JUNG Ji-hoon) turns the event into a scene of chaos and he's kicked out of the team. He is transferred to 21st Fighter Wing and meets his former classmates Yu-jin (LEE Ha-na) and Eagle squad leader Dae-seo (KIM Sung-soo). He slowly adapts to the new Wing and squad mates, but constantly butt heads with Falcon squad leader Cheol-hui (YU Jun-sang), who is known as ‘Top Gun’ of the Wing. To defend their own honor they get into a F-15K flight match but Tae-hun tastes his first ever loss. He brings in top aircraft maintenance mechanic Se-yeong (SHIN Se-kyung) to look after his jet and manages to win a later air combat competition with her support. One peaceful afternoon, an unidentified fighter jet appears in the sky of Seoul and 21st Fighter Wing is scrambled to chase after the mysterious fighter. Seoul suffers catastrophic damage from the sudden attack, and although they succeed in securing the city, Dae-seo is shot down while trying to lure the bogey away from civilian area and another bigger threat is looming on the horizon that could end in an all-out nuclear war. 

That’s all for now. I have to sleep early! We will have our first and last practice tomorrow for the Pre-Commencement Exercise of our college this coming April 5.

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