Saturday, April 6, 2013

Graduation 2013

I'm already tired of scrolling the news feed in Facebook and seeing all those graduation pictures making them as their profile picture and posting it in their wall. But I can't blame them because I know that they are proud with what they had achieve and more importantly their parents and relatives. I guess I really don't have that courage and guts to post my official graduation picture in a social networking site before the major event. And I have also other reason. I really find my face fugly and  indescribable maybe because of the make-up I wore or I can blame the photographer. Yeah! I'm so stupid to blame other people with my look. But I don't mind anyway, what's important is the success and achievements behind that picture. 

The Official Tadman (Year Book) Graduation Picture. I just added the log at the back to destruct you on focusing on my face. Nyehehe! 

Honestly speaking, if my batch mates were very excited with the graduation but me its opposite. I am not that keyed up for this event. Its just like an ordinary day which passes after. But I am thankful that there are still people who are proud of my success even if I'm not. My family and friends didn't forget to congratulate me. I may don't have the most supportive mom and dad but at least they were able to acknowledge what I had reached. 

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