Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding Ceremony

Yesterday, twas my cousin's wedding. I was there to attend. The wedding was just simple because it was held at our province. Traditional Maranao weddings are usually done in the house of the bride. I have nothing more to say actually. I'm being lazy this past few days. The truth is I am very tired after our long trip to our province. Here are some of the photos I've got. 

I'm trying to capture good photos by using a cyber shot digital camera. At least, I'm learning photograpy step by step and soon I can buy my own DSLR. How I wish! Thanks for Adobe Photoshop for making it more lively. Effects say it.

During that day, I was simply wearing a plain red top pairing it with a loose black pants and black doll shoes. So plain and dull. Anyway, it was much better to wear like this than letting other see you from head to toe and making some noisy gossip about you.

I look like Majinboo in this photo. ^_^

That's all for today. Its getting really hot. But lets still enjoy the summer while it lasts. If you're tired of the hot season then think also that after this, hard rain will be pouring all over our country. I guess that would be difficult. Possible, typhoon would sweep us all over again. Lets pray for it not to happen.

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