Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Fraud Birthday Celebration

Hi guys! Yesterday, twas Friday, and I wasn’t supposed to go out. If Sunday is a rest day for the Christians, for us it’s Friday. But unfortunately, after praying jum-ah (Friday prayer), my sister was able to drag me to go out. She will be going to go out that day to buy her uniform. She asked me if I can come with her. I decided to go and I contacted Haffy to join with us also to make it even more fun. After buying all those needed uniforms for this coming opening in the new school year, we decided to roam a little in the city. My sister is a public teacher actually teaching in a secondary level in our province. She is the only person I knew for being so impulsive. A spontaneous blabber of her thoughts, rash in all her actions, nasty in all people even on me and an 100% impulsive buyer too.

One weird thing about her, she really thinks weird. Yesterday, she assumed and let herself believed that today is her birthday when in fact her birthday was last February 13. That’s how creepy her mind. But anyways, I go with the flow, you know guys, I am a mighty eater of everything. When everybody talks about food, I won’t say no to it. 

We actually went to Goldilocks to buy a cake. Yeah! She really came up to this point. She even let the staff there to write a “Happy Birthday” greeting on the cake.

After, we seem to be in trouble looking for a place where to eat that cake. I knew that restaurants and other food establishments will require as paying the corkage fee. That’s really a big problem! It’s quite heavy in the pocket. We were like escaping feeling so good at it. We tried to go to Pop Rock but unfortunately we saw Haffy’s mother. She was startled after seeing her mom. We look for another one until we found a good place.

We actually ended up at Chomp Café at Poblacion. The place is very cozy and the ambiance, its perfect. I like the lighting of the place. And the guard was very accommodating actually. She’s so funny. They also have great service but they have corkage fee. That’s what I hate only.

And to make this blog post not so long, we eat everything rich in carbohydrates and everything that is sweet. A not good diet actually. I had a blast! I enjoy seizing the day with my sister and my bestfriend. A good date indeed with the most crazy yet important persons in my life.

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