Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dainty Box First Giveaway

Miss Kat V. of launched a new kawaii blog. Kawaii means cute in the context of Japanese culture. It was named Dainty Box. I really love it and the kawaii blog is really cute lay- outed with pastel colors on its background. In her new blog, you can discover different nail arts, polymer clay and paper crafts with tutorials. Everybody will surely enjoy reading and learning something new from this blog. You will be inspired with the creativity of Miss Kat.

As an opening of her blog, she will be throwing giveaway and will choose one winner. There will be plenty of items that the winner can win. It is an international giveaway so everybody can join. Same rules guys. Just fill out all the entries in the rafflecopter widget embedded in her blog. You can find it either in Miss Kat blog or in the Dainty Box blog. I'll be posting the links below to direct you there. You can also click the giveaway banner in my side bar. These are the items that the winner can get hold of.

kawaii bunny earrings
peur de or gold tanning lotion
fancy yellow marker
sketches lipgloss
natasha beauty lipgloss
sketches lipbalm
purple handmade coin purse
sketches mascara
black kitty phone accessory
kawaii mouse sticky notes
peur de or lotion 1
peur de or lotion 2
peur de or lotion 3
eye patch
cat coin purse
kawaii money note book
2 boxes of help skincare

Good luck! You can find the rafflecopter widget in the following links!

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