Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Kitty Kittie Kath Giveaway Alert

Good evening guys! Here are another giveaway alerts. But this time, these two giveaway alerts are coming from one cool blog only, the blog of Ms Kath. Yo can visit her blog in this site:

Kath is a gorgeous and a super mom. She puts all of her thoughts in her blog about great fashion finds, reviews on different cosmetic products, skin care routines and she also love playing online games. 

These are the possible prizes you will get in joining this giveaway sponsored by iWhite which is known as effective products. There will be two ways of choosing the three winners. Just fill out correctly all the entries in the rafflecopter. Follow the mechanics guys to avoid disqualification and invalid entries. This giveaway will end this May 29, 2013. You still have more time guys to send your entries.
  • Skin Care Loot 1- BEST ANSWER to this QUESTION: What do you prioritize more, SKIN CARE or MAKEUP? 
  • Skin Care Loot # 2- Will be drawn via rafflecopter and


2. Summer Giveaway 2!
Here is the second giveaway. Actually this will end sooner, this coming 20th of May. But don't fret guys, maybe Mr.Rafflecopter will like you and he'll choose you as the winner. Be a positive thinker. I am always optimistic in terms of joining giveaways and I always carry at my self the word patience especially in sharing, tweeting, posting, and reblogging different giveaways. We really need to exert effort also in joining since it's all free. Following Kath's bloglovin account is a mandatory entry in this giveaway and check your entries before submitting it because she's strict. The photo below is the image of the awaited prizes to the lucky winner. I'll pray hard that it will be me.

Watsons Exfoliating Body Wash 400 ml
Parodontax Toothpaste 90 ml (BNW/OB)
Tony Moly Mask Sheet
Denim Pouch Bag
Compact Mirror
AVON Swirl Lipgloss
Kojie San Sunblock Sachet
4 Skin Care Samples/Sachet
Pink Body Wash Sponge

If you want to win all of those great prizes just click this link to redirect you to the site and fill out the rafflecopter. Remember to entry the mandatory ones. Good luck! 

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