Thursday, May 16, 2013

Election 2013: Municipality of Matungao

Municipal Hall of Matungao

Hi guys! This post is a little bit late. I’m quite busy these past few days. Busy completing all the entries in the different giveaways I joined. Anyway, I hope that everybody who is entitled to vote have done their part last May 13. Each of us must vote. It is our right to vote and our responsibility as well to choose a decent and qualified leader who will help our country progress. But in our case, in our province, election is like gambling. It is because every politicians uses money to win the position they want. It is very visible in our province but I guess it becomes a tradition that when election comes, they really have to give. We can’t blame politicians in giving money because some voters really don’t vote a candidate if he/she will not give any incentives. It could be money or in any form.

Look what happened to my shoes. :( Full of mud.

During the election, I could say that the chairman of our precinct is really stupid. I know every chairman is a teacher and I am apologizing for saying that word to an educator. I was able to vote but they even forgot to drop an indelible ink in my finger. There are really many flying voters every election. Through the use of indelible ink, flying voters could be minimize. But in that case, if I am a flying voter, then I could possibly vote again to another municipality. They were not able to do their job completely.

I am glad that COMELEC changed the process of voting with the use of PCOS machines. Rural areas are really popular making manipulations every election just to win. It is okay if they will do that considering they do their functions as a government official.

It was my first time to vote in a national election. I was really excited to see how things work during this event. I wonder how the people will act under the scorching sun. But frankly speaking, Christian people are more disciplined than my own tribe, Maranao. But I do not belong to those irresponsible Maranao people. The precinct where most of the populations of Christians are there, was very organized compare to ours.

Armies are needed to have a peaceful election.

These are some of the pictures I took during Election Day. We were early that’s why I had time roaming around the poblacion together with my sisters. I also happened to bumped into Nurj, my mother-in-school, who was very greedy during that time. She kept on telling me that we will buy some food to eat. Nyahahah! I could really count how many times it was.

With Nurj

With my sister and gorgeous cousins.

With Sir

Congratulations and good luck to all candidates who were proclaimed winners. I hope you will fully exercise and do your function as a government official. I expect that when I come back to our province, there will be progress and developments. Kudos!

I made this one out of the picture I took during that time. I like it that's why i included it in this post. :)
That's all! 

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