Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday: Pakner at 21

Today, I mean tomorrow, because I wrote this the day before your birthday, is your birthday. You’re always trying to keep me in mind giving you a letter or a post in your timeline in Facebook greeting you. Why should you do that? You’re such an idiot bestfriend (Sorry to say that word to you). How could I don’t do that when in fact I’m doing it to every Datlush member. But since you’re my bestfriend, I must think of something special. Better than way before. I really can’t make any word art again like your birthday before in a piece of hard paper but I can make it all the way through editing. Here it is!

I hope you appreciate and like it. I know you will always be pleased about little things I made especially for you. I’ve known that before. I really couldn’t think of what to say because you pressure me. I don’t want you to anticipate so much from me because I don’t want to disappoint and frustrate you. I would just leave some message and advice for you bestfriend. 

To my bestfriend, Haffy, who will be turning 21 this day, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you will have the grandest and happiest day today even if people don’t remember your birthday today because everybody is busy with the national happening today. I know how you feel right know. Seems everybody is full of activity due to the nationwide election. But at least, there is someone here, who still remember and who will always remember and will not even forget your birthday, and it’s me, your bestfriend, your pakner. 

I’ve known you a lot for this past two years since we became bestfriends. I knew all of your strengths and weaknesses. I knew you at your worst and at your best. One of the best thing I admire about you, is you being so loquacious and talkative. Mingling with different age bracket of people is your strong uniqueness. But one thing I find not well on you, it will always been your temper. I think it’s on the genes so I could not really blame you directly of having that kind of personality. You’re so short-tempered and we even argue with small things like what to eat, where to eat and the likes especially on decision making. You’ve always been so alluring with the boys which I think you should also mind. There are times that we should not overpass the way we socialize with them. Always know and remeber the limitations bestfriend. And also, if you don’t like someone then frankly say it to them. Not just saying but you must do an action also. Do not give them hopes. 

So much with the negative thoughts, lets hop in to the good ones. I shouldn’t be saying things that will hurt you. But as the cliché goes, true friends always say the reality and the truth even if it will hurt someone. You are the best bestfriend I ever have and the most supportive one. Whether small or big accomplishments you were always there to congratulate me and we even had some little merriment. I know a thousand thank you is not enough for all the good deeds you had showered unto me. I really don’t know how I could pay you back. But as a promise, a lifetime friendship/paknership, that’s what I could offer to you for so long as you want me to be your bestfriend. 

Trust has always been the problem between us. You always told me that I don’t trust you. But seriously, you give me some reasons to not trust you sometimes. You are the best in making alibis pakner. I knew you so well when you’re telling lies. But there are times I am clueless whether your saying the truth or not. But that’s not the important thing. I would like you to always remember that I fully trust you but there are times I can’t avoid being suspicious. I even caught you. Hahahah! evil laugh. Let’s forget that! Its already been a part of history and I don’t want to believe in the saying, “history repeats itself”. 

I guess this is quite too long for a message. Hey! Before I forget, did you keep my letter on year 20th birthday? I hope so. I wish you good health pakner. More birthdays to come and wishing you a happy life together with your family. Always remember, even if I am mad at you, I couldn’t still neglect you if you’re in need. Please don’t always upset me because you’re getting on my nerves. Yeah! I am really mad at you right now because of yesterday. I was just shocked and unrecovered that you left me. Anyway, I understand it though. No need to worry.

Happy 2nd anniversary also as being pakners. Hope we will always be bestfriends! Wishing you a very warm welcome to your second decade plus a year existence in the world. Happy 21st birthday again! Or shall I say 2 years old. Hahaha! Your in your twenties. You're getting older. I love you bestfriend. :*

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