Thursday, May 23, 2013

LET Preparation: 1st and 2nd Day of Review at SLRC

Hi! I'll be sharing with you guys some of the experiences I had during my first weekend review at St. Louis Review Center. Our first subject was all about the basic concepts in Science. There were so many things I already forgot from my elementary days and I had learned something new also from the review. Misconceptions during elementary and high school days were clarified. Our lecturer by the way was a topnotcher in the LET last 2012 I guess. 

One thing I observed with the different lecturer of St. Louis is they are all energetic and feisty that’s why every session you won’t feel heavy-eyed and tired. Sir Ken I guess is the favorite of everybody. We haven’t met him in our review classes but I presume the class will be enjoying his way of teaching. I've heard that he’ll be handling math review classes. 

There were things that were annoying and irritating also during the review class. The room was too crowded but you won’t feel the scorching heat of the sun because all rooms are fully air-conditioned. But the problem is I can’t write properly with my own desk. But there is no room for complaining because I am the one who chose the review center. They are actually the best review center here in Iligan of different courses especially nursing. And the money is worth the pay because they have excellent lecturers from different parts of the Philippines. 

We had some little refreshments to refresh everybody's mind. We are all dead tired.

Daina, Nurj and Annie

Regarding with the review process, after we had discussed everything we have to take a 100-item examination in the morning and in the afternoon. All in all we have to take 4 sets of exam every Saturday and Sunday. It's very tiring!   

Science Set 1 

Science Set 3

Scores in Sets 1 and 2

Here are some of the pictures. 

Why so serious bro? ^_^

Bestfriend Haffy with the other Datlushers.

Sittie being so serious yet smiling.

The Moshie People

Michelle, Maricar and Bridget. They are all my batchmates and we are all shiftees. ^_^

Me, Daina, Annie and Julie!

Nurj, Daina stiffened at the center and the pink girl Annie.

That's all for this day! Have a blessed Friday! 

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