Friday, May 24, 2013

ROMWE: Memorial Day Sale 20%

Memorial Day is happening on the other part of the globe since I'm from Philippines. If we are not getting through that summer is almost ending, they are on the other hand starting to pack up for summer. Memorial Day is observed every last Monday of May to them and it’s a sign as the start of the summer season. 

Are you ready for your holiday? I guess you are all keyed up and excited for the hot season. Enjoy the 20% off sale of Romwe on selected items from May 25 up to 27th of the same month. You’ll surely find your choices and favorites at Romwe. Enjoy shopping at Romwe and have a great holiday!

That's all for tonight! I am really heavy-eyed and want to sleep right now. Good night! I'll be early tom for my review class. 

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