Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Undercover

Good evening guys! I watched a movie a couple days ago together with Ping, my little sister. We watched So Undercover, in which Miley Cyrus was the lead. I actually bought the DVD at the city sponsored by Haffy. Together with the So Undercover we also bought G.I. Joe: Retaliation and a Korean drama series. I can't remember the title anymore. 

Back with the movie, the main story of the So Undercover was a tough, street-smart private eye is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority. This girl happened to be Miley Cyrus, Molly in the story but in the latter part, she will used the identity of Brook when she enters the college sorority. Out of the blue, an FBI agent, gave her a case. At first Molly won't acknowledge it even with higher pay but in the end she was convinced by the agent. She needs to get the ledger to Alex (Lauren McKnight). But before she go to the main plan, she needs to convincingly act as a member of the sorority girl - Kappa Kappa Zeta. A boyish and a tough-act girl like Molly is not suitable for that sorority. She needs to transform even her looks and the way she talks. It became more complicated when she starts to fall for Nicholas (Joshua Bowman). And the rest story, watch it yourself. I'm not good in writing movie reviews.

I searched some cool photos of the movie. Miley looks chubby and I don't like it but she's pretty though in her own way and I praise her talented voice.

I did enjoyed the whole period of the movie. I just don't like how husky the voice of Miley in the movie. ^_^
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